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hehe, well I am really in it for the criticism and stuff. A smaller community of writers is more help than a bigger one like 12oz in my honest opinion. I'm not desperate i just don't really have many friends that are big into graf and would get up with me. Makes me feel safer if there is 2 people. I would be getting up if there was someone else with me. And what makes you think you can alter what I do by typing a couple of words? I am not trying not to start any beef or anything but what the hell makes you think you can change me? Thanks for the crits btw, its just a simple skeleton. Just trying to get a bit of flow from the the z to the o. I am never good at flow, any advice would be helpful. Thanks again.


NOTHING against you personally at all, like i said, Just KWG i am greatly against. So chaging your mind or not, Just some helpfull advice, fuck kwg and you will get a crew..promise, Crews are arround its just who you paint with, Work on your stuff and really work on can controll...17 days till im back in KC. Ill send you a PM when i get in town

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i'm grounded for the next month cuz my parents found out about some adderall i took... and then about some times i got drunk... so uh, i can't get on the comp as often but when i do i hope i'll be posting a shitload cuz i can't really do anything else...


oh man, i laughed so fucking hard when i read this shit. adderol, drinking, graffiti, horseback riding, groundation --you's a gangsta louise.


i'm just fucking with you. this shit did make me laugh though.

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WHY DO PEOPLE FEEL THE NEED TO REPOST SHIT ON THE SAME PAGE? are you that deprived for attention? relax a little, let it run for a day or two --maybe three. then post it again. not within a half hour of the original post.


joewinmor --is that your actual name? just curious. when i see cross hairs, this is all i can think of:



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Its like a crew some kids started. KIDS WITH GUNS. or (KAN'T WRITE GOOD) its fucking lame, and the idea of a bunch of toys, joining up online to start a crew is a joke. IT SCREAMS I NEED ACCEPTANCE AND TO JOIN A GROUP SO I CAN BE PART OF SOMETHING!!!.. shit..there are 2 fucking people in my crew. me and a buddy. All i need. all i want for now. MNV


Most Notorius Vandals

Mid-Night Vandals

Most notorious Villians

Midnight Vampires.


Either way


MNV, we break shit.

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tragik i like the colors you use and your fill styles, but the extentsions on your letters look random and chaotic. Try to simplfy the letters by keeping width of the sections more or less the same and using straighter lines until you really have a feel for it.


Eurf - nice to see you have read some of this thread.


Anyways here are some tickers i made up tonight.



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thanks for the crits guys. and yea it does sound like borf... but basically i kinda wanta find something else to play with but havent found anything yet.

its supposed to be like... i live on planet eurf. like earth but like a 2 year old saying it. idk it was the first thing that popped into my head after i stopped trying to draw ralph.


suggestions for a new name would be cool to. hopefully i will find something different.

thanks agian

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