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This is very true, graff is more observation for a new jack then anything else, its the only way i Got better, I think that was the biggest transitional step for to see why that piece is dope and hwy you like it, break each piece down WHY its dope not just oh rime did it it looks dope just cause. ANALYZE it. It helps alot becuase you can then look at your own work and see whats wrong with your own work, you can see yourself. Its important to analyze simpler work, just cause something is simple doesn mean its not dope. Kuma, A lot of toronto heads. Raels, King157, CAUSR (some styles of causr's not alll), REGAL the list goes on and on, look at simple work and work your way up.


this dude is right. ill add onto this and say that letter proportioning is a big part of what makes something look tight. By that i mean that lines, thickness, and all that shit have to relate perfectly and shit. Also cleanliness goes a long way. if you look at a raels piece, like this dude said, it is so fuckin clean and proportioned perfectly. Another tip, and adding on to what these other dudes said, start with tags, then do strait letters. I started piecing with more complicated letters and it fucked me up in the long run because i had proportioning problems that i didnt even realize. I was treating letters like any other drawing, and over all they arnt. well i hope this little rant helped. if it doesnt make any sense, or if you already knew all this then i suppose you read this for nothing and im sorry, but i have been up for atleast 36 hours and im about to passout.

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cola, the throw is looking nice, but if youre gonna have 'holes' in the bottom parts of ZEK, you should make a gap in the S too, make the letter more the same





a gap and a knob on the S, since it just looks slightly out of place cuz the other three letters are so similar.


didnt even notice, this dude is right on

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New Throw!!





You have to work on your fonts first, bro. Then you need to work on your overlaps, overlays, and connections. These barely even look like letters, and these "letters" barely even look like they have anything to do with another. And I know in the beginning it's easy to overlap all your letters the same, left to right, like you read, but you have to get off that, too.


Also, get a decent sketchbook, and some decent (but cheap for now) markers. And practice lettering and spacing before you start hammering out words.


Keep it up.



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that felt throw isnt bad, there is relationshit between all the letters, the t strays the most, but there is relationship. who really cares about a throwup though. its only meant for getting your name up, its not means to be pretty. if i were you i would work on your tag though, the f and e dont mesh at all, but thats just my oppinion.

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