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Bode characters always add that finishing touch...


Well, the tried and true method is learning straight letters really well. Based on the first few pages you posted I’d say you’re obviously putting in the effort on that end, but I would encourage you

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how about a little more feed back??


yo you got no letter structure at all mang. go back and work on your letters. simples. not zigzaggy weird lookin things that look "cool". thats not what graff and writing is about. main thing about graff it letters. you got no letters then you dont have shit. even if to some people it looks "cool", to actual decent and beyond writers, it looks dumb. so even out your shit.

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I remember when I did my last shit a friend of mine said I should try something more simple. So today in class (sorry it's on lined paper) I tried it out. I know it's not too much greater, but I would really like to get some feedback on this.


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gen why you use montanas on some practice shit? save you good colors till you start doing burners. dont do characters or arrows or non of that shit. work on your letters. some of your shit is simple alright but its not good simple letters. try more of a indivisual letterin instead of all fittin the same way all the same shape

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^^^ and find a new name, dont write sik, siko, or anything like that. be original.



so what? im not original because i write sic? mine isnt even, like, a variation of "sick." sic is an actual word, and i really like the letters. the only reason your word is "original" is because its so long

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Here's some of the sketches I've been doing






...The last one was just messin' around... I thought up an idea for O's and found I actually liked it... I'm sticking with Hexa though


Uhmm, bump for critz?




...I don't wear Ecko (to the guy who said I did)


...Today's my last day on vacation so I'll paint this practice bank I found when I get back (the guy who asked for painted flicks)


Last night I thought about that shit and realized I should think about new ideas, so I thought about a couple things to put on stickers... I'll prolly try them out on the flight home and flick em when I get back.

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newer throwup


piks of painted version on the way


I like this throw, but realised you previously insulted me saying jelsers got shit around his lips, i would assume you meant i was kissing ass. i looked all on that page and didn't kiss ass one bit. explain that one to me please. to be honest i usually would tell you to fuck off or summin but i like this throw and i seen your stuff in coventry ( not the thread, the real ting) and it's quite sick. keep it up:o

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