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On 8/18/2022 at 4:47 AM, Joker said:

@EGGZ- I was just looking through your sketches again and something that kept hitting me was the idea of using your E to create your Z. It'll help you make your entire piece feel more consistent in the way it looks/feels. 



Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 1.44.55 PM.png

Yo definitely will try integrate the reverse E to a Z look on my next. Thanks.

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@nachodik- just a few thoughts noted below. I tried to add some further ideas to the second sketch but it all got wonky, sorry about that. The gist is to tuck the back of your E under and through your R. This is a pretty common trick a lot of writers use and works pretty well. The top sketch looks pretty good to me, the only thing I would do is shift the E to the left slightly so the E and P are touching. All the other letters are connected/touching so this will make it feel a part of the piece. 


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On 11/9/2022 at 11:43 AM, nachodik said:

@Jokergot some new sketches, id love a crit



I think this sketch is fine but the leg of the R and the backside of the E being one 'thing' isn't working. I think because the only thing you have to indicate that it's an R is the little bit coming off the letter just before connecting to the E. If there was more of that, or more line work to define each letter more, that might fix that one minor area. 


On 11/9/2022 at 11:43 AM, nachodik said:



I've always been a fan of flat-bottom pieces like this. When I was coming up in DC I made a day trip to Baltimore with Mesk and Wake and we saw several pieces with that style and it blew me away. 


Anyway - I see what you're stretching for (sorry... had to 😉 )by elongating the R to the P but I think it's slightly too much a stretch. BUT, I love that you went there. Maybe the leg of the R goes behind and under the straight bars and comes back up to form the P? That way you can define the E a little more? Sorry, I don't have time for sketches today to show you what I mean. 


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8 minutes ago, Ray40 said:

Back after a long while any advice, maybe a few demo sketches@Joker ?



Welcome back, Ray. 


Yep, that looks good for a solid simple. Your letters have similar weight to all of them, the bits to the left and arrow to the right give the whole thing balance. Nice. 


My only feedback is the Y has 50% more 'style' to it than the R and A. Either add some style to those letters or pull back on the Y. Up to you. 

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9 hours ago, mr.yuck said:

@Ray40I like that throwie you got going on at the bottom left. Super solid. 


I have always liked that lower case asymmetrical Y.


That big Y you have at the bottom is your key. Play with that format and build it into a new R and a new A.







Thanks, will do

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The sketch on the right is an old sketch I did for you a while back. I think you should study it… a lot… and copy it line for line until you know you can do it without looking at it. 

Same with the sketch on the left. 

The goal is to get you to understand the flow of the letters, the relationship of one letter next to the other, how the interact with one another. These are simple pieces, especially the left sketch, so it should be easy for you to learn from. 

The tags are horrible, sorry, but it’s something to work with. 



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