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For those of you in this thread who are looking to learn the basics, and then improve upon them, check out Mr.Iös on Instagram. His feed is chock-full of great step-by-step letter creations from a simple shape all the way to fully colored-in Graffiti-style letters. He also has the created single letter studies for each letter of the alphabet - nine studies per letter. Really cool. Lots of inspiration to be had in one person's feed. 



Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 4.03.00 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 4.03.25 PM.png

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@Joker i know its been a while but i figured i'd show u some of my progression, i messed around with some straight line straight letters, some where they all connected, would love feed back on any an all. Also i know im no where near good enough to do wild styles but how do you break through into doing more technical pieces like those?










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@nachodik- Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.


The sketches - personally I think they all look pretty good. I especially like the bottom three sketches... Wort, Rope, and Wort. The filled-in Wort w/ 3D is great! And the Rope sketch, way you leaned the left side of the E into the empty space of the P... very nice. The very top Poteb is pretty nice, too. The other sketches aren't bad, but those four are the stand-outs, for me. 


Wild-Style - tough question because any mentor/teacher is going to tell you it takes baby steps to get there, and my advice is really no different. The filled-in Wort sketch above, for example, if you wanted to start messing with that by dissecting each letter, adding arrows and flares, little notches (like you did on the W and O, for example), and bits here and there is a place to start. To make it easy on yourself, and to keep focused, concentrate on one letter at a time. Take the W and see what you could. Start small, adding one or two things, see how it looks, then add another, see if it still feels right, and finally add a finishing touches. Check this image by Meas as an example of single letter studies. It's a great way to work out ideas before going all in on an entire piece. 


Tags - I'll get back to you on this later but first impressions is I love that you're exploring different styles. The second one reads as RERE, so the one-liner needs some further exploration. But I'll get back to you some ideas.




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@KaneVCB- They are pages from a book called - Flip the Script: A Guidebook for Aspiring Vandals & Typographers. It's an incredible book because it covers handstyles from all major cities, and includes examples by some of the best from each region. 


Also, Handselecta (folks who put the book together) have a YouTube channel with a ton of videos that show folks writing their name. Great way to see how some of these handstyles are done. 



I had no idea the book was worth so much. I guess I better put mine in a display case. 



Edited by Joker
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That letter guide is cool joker, thanks for sharing. 

Really been in a rut, for sme reason I like to punish myself? and use pen only and not use a pencil to try and force myself to get it right

This isn't good for building up various styles and connections though.

Maybe its my compromise since I dont want to paint illegally haha gotta add some drama 



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