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Bode characters always add that finishing touch...


Well, the tried and true method is learning straight letters really well. Based on the first few pages you posted I’d say you’re obviously putting in the effort on that end, but I would encourage you

Posted Images

@Rectwoner- looking at the throwups on your pages, they’re mostly illegible. I get the E and the C but the R and the T get lost with the extra spikes coming off them, and the face within the R has much the same line work that the letter does so you lose the teeth and other details within the letter. I figured it out by looking at your screen name. 

Now, my example below is dangerously close to an R that Remio might do (or has done... I love his stuff so I may have seen it and it stuck) so use it only as an example. If I was sure it was my own I would say take it, have fun with it, make it yours, but since it has a trademark style of another writer I would say use as inspiration. 

Keep your letters legible, even for a throwup. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect, but legible is always nice. Hell... if it’s pretty and perfect then you clearly had enough time to do a piece, and should have. These things are for other writers so the letters can be somewhat distorted but when you take it too far you lose your audience. Adding faces and other embellishments is a great way to set yourself apart from other writer’s throwups, but make the embellishments considered. Really think them through. If you want to do a face within your R make sure it reads as the letter FIRST... then work in the face. Once you’ve established yourself and your throwup you can start to make those embellishments a little more over the top because by then everyone will recognize the overall shape of your throwup, and now the face is what they’re reading. 

Does that help at all?


I know my example is different than your style but I wanted to give you something. 




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44 minutes ago, Joker said:

Looks good!

Thanks joker, colour schemes and colour theory not My strong point. I want to be able to do the realistic looking shading lords of tones but I'm not that great with markers, paint I have a better idea how to get shading and such

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@GiantI'm really feeling that last one bro! Keep it up homie

@Ray40love that even though your parents took your supplies for sketching away, you don't let that stop you from practicing. reminds me how much I was in love with graffiti and my desire to get better at your age.


Haven't had much time lately for anything but here's a few more tags while I had a minute at work. Still working on it


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So I have been writing for a good bit now. I mostly stuck to bombing so hands and thorws. I moved to a very small town where there is nowhere to bomb and started drawing in my book a lot. After putting in work for a few hard weeks I feel as though I was able to translate my thought on to paper. What do you all think?


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4 minutes ago, Giant said:


I like everything but the E man. The middle part is really thin.  There is no other lines on this piece that match. The D and O are fire amigo. So for me I would make the E not cross under the P. I think it fucks with the over all shape.

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Hey ek one looks pretty good I just put some lines over yours to show where I would have gone but not much different. Didn't do all the lines in end as pretty damn hard on my shitty phone lol


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