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I haven’t been able to sketch because my parent Took away all my art supplies because I flipped out about not getting a sketch book and markers. I feel really bad and bratty  for that. Anyway, here is a sketch inspired by my scuba diving and love of stingrays


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8 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

 That scuba guy could be a cool character on  a wall with the bubbles blending into the background etc.


 Can see it rendered black and white and against a more vividly coloured piece with white keyline that turns into the bubbles going to the surface..





I love that idea, thanks @Schnitzel

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@Aristo- Overall I like what you're doing, especially the single letter exploration sketches where you're trying to figure out interesting ways of building that letter. I think what is hanging you up is your focus on the single letter and not the overall piece, at least that's what I'm seeing. As you're drawing those single letter sketches think about how that letter is going to work with the next. When your letters have loops and flares coming off them it's hard to connect them to the next letter as each letter is dynamic on its own. It's kinda like each letter could be its own piece... if that makes sense. And while that can definitely work as a whole piece, it takes clever connections to nestling of each letter to get them to work. You've definitely got the right idea in using non-traditional approaches to figure this stuff out (like your "Step Down" idea) so I think it'll all come in time. It'll be one of those "Eureka!!" moments, everything will click. 


When I look at your pieces I see letters that look like they were written with a chisel tip marker, then outlined, which is cool. I know that's not how you do it, but that's what I see.




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@whtboi202- The piece you posted at the top of this thread, while simple, is a little difficult to read. Even the colored in version is still difficult to read. I see it as "SAR" with those added drips. Like you've done in a few of the other drawings - try keeping your letters more legible and add those drips or embellishments in areas of the letter that don't alter its legibility to look like another letter. Example would be the bottom of the S, or the bottom of any letter. Or make the drips smaller, and add a few more to drive home that they're drips. 




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