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Bode characters always add that finishing touch...

Well, the tried and true method is learning straight letters really well. Based on the first few pages you posted I’d say you’re obviously putting in the effort on that end, but I would encourage you


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@Ray40I can't tell if you're a troll or if you're 12 years old. If you're 12, cool, party hard and take the advice in this thread.


You are drawing the exact same letters over and over, and then asking if you're making progress. Stop all of what you are doing and draw the letters as they are shaped on your keyboard, spaced apart, not overlapping. Nothing extra, just each  R A Y . no lean, no 3d, no shadow, no fill. Just each letter in its simplest form. 


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And I thought I was making progress, should I really go all the way back to keyboard, I understand that letters need the sane height, bar width, and style to be clean so I think I will keep following jokers outline and the alphabets I have learned that are stored in my head

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You are right, I tried to do a proper sketch so just tell me if this looks better(sorry, just had to add drop shadow) if this is truly horrible I will go back to keyboard letters, I promise


Edited by Ray40
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15 hours ago, Ray40 said:

I did another and I think it looks better I swear


First was better. Keep doing it over n over n over again. STAHP with the doodads, I know youre itching to show off some personal flair but just dont. Once the outline is done toss it and do it again, when you feel your hand starting to draw a star chuck your pen across the room.

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@Ray40- Like I mentioned to Lime, Graffiti is frustrating. Every writer goes through this period. For some it takes years and for some it just clicks. Honestly, the only thing that will help you get better is practice. Lots of practice. Like, lots of practice. You're young so you've got plenty of time to get all this under control and start progressing. 


You know, @Limeliciouzhad an interesting perspective about using some of these alphabet prints that writers have been doing lately as inspiration for letters. Click that link and a style in there you really like, something simple, and copy it. Line for line, just copy it. I mean... when you look at the letter you drew and the letter you're copying - they should look the same. 


Or you can just fill your sketchbook with pages and pages of one letter sketches. Just draw the letter R I gave you over and over and over. Focus on keeping your bars the same weight, don't worry about fill-ins, stars, any of that shit. 


Just practice. I've been doing Graffiti since 1985 and I still practice... 




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4 minutes ago, Ray40 said:

Thanks so much joker, that was inspiring, question:you said to practice my R especially, does this mean my other letters are more on point and I need to fix my Rs? Thanks again for the help

Just a tip that if you type the '@' symbol followed by the first few letter of a person's name, a pop up appears where you can select them. This will send a notification to that person same way it does on other social platforms. Example... @Ray40

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@Ray40- What I meant was to practice single letters. I was just saying R as an example. You should practice all three of your letters over and over. Just draw that letter R I gave you over and over. Not how you interpret it, but how I drew it for you. Same with the A and Y. Once you get them  down so it's almost exactly the same as my drawing - then we can start playing off that and adding your own style to it. Make sense? Once we get each letter looking the same as what I've given you then we'll put them altogether as a piece. 


And take your time... this isn't a race. 


For reference - I still do this allllllll the time. I call them "Letter Studies". I'll draw a K and get it really dialed in. Sometimes it's something I'll later incorporate into a full piece but most of the time I just do letter studies just to sharpen my skills with that letter or explore different ideas. 


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