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True Simp


nasty simp


Tried to get wilder on true. still working on that.


Havent inked anything in awhile. Just banging out some freestylish outlines. Need to do some tidier.



Good work on the alpha bet. R is a little beat but the crits^^ up there are what you need to do, keep working on it.,

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thanks for the crits and advises guys :)


sadly the university began now, so not that much time but i made a few letters with shadow and 3D, the red-outlines are crappy cause of the paper, the markes going bloody on this shitty copy paper.....

i think the shadow at A and B should be not that close to the letters, looks kinda strange


soo crits please


next days i will work on the R and S and more on 3D & Shadow


greetz firestorm have a nice week all :)



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The R would look better if the down line came from the "half circle" instead of off of the primary bar. The S would simply if you made the top "half circle" a bit smaller than the bottom half.

But that is exactly where to start. Learn how to balance those, don't do any fancy doo-dad shit that you're not ready for .


did more abc's, i had some time in boring lectures ^^


now a question, am i right that you mean balacing the letters, mean bend/modify the bars of the keyboard letters, a.e. instead of straight bars of an A make them a half circle or what ever?


greetz and have a colorful weekend ;-)

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No. You're not ready for that.

By balance I mean think of them as weighted things. A letter can be off balance when its put between other letters, but a letter all alone should "stand on its own" and not look like it would fall over or cave in on itself. Kind of abstract, but the more you do, the more you'll understand.


And of course, there are exceptions, but you start at the bottom. Learn the rules before you can break them. Breaking order without knowing what it is you're deconstructing will result in garbage.


Is your screen name by chance an Earth Crisis reference?

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thanks for the answer fist666

my screen name is only a name i use sometimes, no reference


i took a picture, only to know if i got it


1. is not balanced T would fall to the right because the upper bar is too heavy at the right

2. T would not fall left because the A give a spot to lean on, without the A it would fall to the right

3. T will not fall because the left of the upper bar is heavier and the right side. so the angle of the main bar is equalized

4. Z would break down because upper bar is too heavy and the middle bar oto slim so it cant hold the weight



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no I think you are overthinking ot too much, out of all those letters you posted the only one I like is the Z, I like the top heavyness of it, it is balances to me as overall it looks right, all the other letters are just leaning wrong, the A on the TA is nice as well!

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am i not right with the number 1 that it would fall because of its imbalance?


but wouldnt the Z brake down because of the high heavyness and the slim middle bar or is this one of these exceptions fist666 mean?


or do you mean this with overthinking, so i see it too strictly as weights?

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I think you might be looking at weights too much, you are right with the Ts being off balance, but there is nothing wrong with the heavier top on the Z, as long as you balances that heavier top with whatever other letters you right, the letters will all balance together and be consistent

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did a new abc with some changes, trying to balancing the letters

i got problems with some letters, H, K, M, N, V, W, X, Y, for me they dont look right as the other letters...

and is it okay if i do the U like i did or should it be more like the O?


it would be nice if someone can help me out



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Youre getting the idea bowl. Those looks not too bad. widths are pretty consistent. mainly i like the underground ones.


i do think you may need to tone down the extensions. youre close to understanding them, but not quite. Keep trying though.


Also that canvas green simple where the J and E mirror each other. I like that one. I got a similar ruck spaceship style.


stay droppin.

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