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I feel ya, just keep pounding it in their heads and they will get it. Yesterday I actually flipped way back to when I first stayed posting. Back when me, Yokai, and Spawn of Sham were posting shit up daily. A lot of fools kept telling me to go simple but I was thick headed, finally I stepped back and started doing it and of course it helped a lot.


Speaking of Instagram, I put a lot of random bullshit up there. Graff, photography, digital art, etc. If anyone is on it: ZombCreations

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PS.....It's not because I'm a sleazy scum as far as not making a quilt goes, it's just because last time they were accepting donations for a garage sale, they ended up throwing away a $300 Trek and a nice basketball hoop that I donated. Didn't even ask me, just tossed em both. :D

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Nice. I've never seen his desert stuff until now but hey, I'm sure 1000 other people have done it as well before Boggie.


As far as the "Replica" statement I really hope you're not calling me a biter.


would you prefer borrower? I hope you're not saying the bricks behind your letters, same color scheme, same style, ice cream, drips off your letters, blue splat behind your letters, signed in same spot with a halo, colored circles around your piece, is a coincidence, are you? They look exactly the same homie, come on now. People always say the same exact thing, "I've never seen that before now." lol thats the biggest goddamn coincidence in history then that your piece just happens to look identical to his. Im not calling you a biter, i think you labeled yourself that when you denied ever seeing this piece. All you would have needed to say was yea I was inspired by his work. Inspiration is one thing, straight up robbin this dude of his style and claiming you've never seen his work is completely different. But hey, I guess thats what we get for sharing our work on the internet.:o

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