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Bode characters always add that finishing touch...


Well, the tried and true method is learning straight letters really well. Based on the first few pages you posted I’d say you’re obviously putting in the effort on that end, but I would encourage you

Posted Images

515Zomb was one of the biggest toys in 12oz history so for him to be doing that is phenomenal.


Eido, I mess with the "dope" sketch.


Bahaha, not sure about the biggest but yes, I put down some retarded wack shit for quite a long time. :)


@eido - Your style is very nice, reminds me of a homie around here.

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ZOmb- the sketch would look much better with a simpler F.notice the other letters you have dont have the same kinda extensions/style, ie the horizontal lines of teh f. Also, it would look much better with a solid consistent width instead of the big to small to big effect the letter bars have.

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u c wat m tryin t do hear itz liek fs but looks like shit most of the time was wonering wat u guise thot if i'm mad or just ... how to slow down? write with thinking? i get a "block". when i write fast it is like it is brken uup supernaturally n a wae... wat yall thnk:scrambled:

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its toying i dont kno wat toy mens nec i think this fit the category... m thnking leik...... howto "SLOW DOWN" and think, rather than making sense during the process in literal abstraction, or broken 2's 4's, 7's.. randomletters appearing.. more "streamlined" pen that i'm trying to save for programmingand spidering:confused:

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it looks gay from far off but when u zoom in u can read into it or subconscious-more crap is recognizeable..:o


<edit> the far off problem is one of field. you can see my first post when the scribbles were built in the center.. my goal is to edsign a character set for programming or char compression and expansion string analysis etc.. but i had better go on a diet and clean m room, etc, (new kb etc) before even that. (na-type person, schizo, etc, trying to clean up from alcohol. sorry for the string of posts npi.. will learn the rules., keep posting or w/e..)


cant remembe how i was going to end this..


idk if this mks sense 2 ne 1



interesting in character permutatives and compression-on-line, with kind of interlocking that truncates the character, or annihilates the prior, but am operating in human-mind nonmemory atm, without anything but a SoC randomhand-style that i have trouble handling in any grasp of sensibility or further development

Please LET ME Know if anyone has ne thots on ne of this (KIND OF LIVING IN A void.. npi.. sticky keys :/

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KInd of gives you an idea.... but it is not quite flowing... i think i should restrict myself to programming, witha lifestyle change, and try to write a real character set, like chinese character-words..(based on parsing and geometric/pixel-assigned-memory compression programme/art.. the "mindset" just isnt cohesive unless im distracted by the tv/cc's

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tru story. ill tell u abt it n zero smtm


wat do u mn though? just wonderingif ur trying to pin me, or if ive offended u, or if i think im a broke psychic,.. i consider commitment.i hear the tv talking to me, and see supercomplex languages in the closed captionings. i want to get sane w/in the next 2y or im going to work towards filing for commitment..


life is hard.


pretty troll/lite abt it tho..


idk what you mean by that exactly.. i am schizophrenic, though.



it seem lik i cn signal jam m dtv shit by oming a sine wave too. im not lost ina fantasy-worldt hough


if u wl answer me what mks u think that


nah mayne i thnk m sane as de cum

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Torch, from one toy to another im gonna crit yo' piece. lol

k, So 1st the drips didnt really work to well plus the things at the bottom coming off the ends of the letters weren't really good cause there was heaps of them and the bubbles well were just bubbles >_>. 2nd the N is to small the S Counteracts the Y cause they are so far apart, but flow comes with practice ;) + the bits coming off the S just doesnt work haha just keep it simple. I love that character tho haha. Crit me please!!! Not the character though that character can kill itself.

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Broali, you said you want some crits so here ya go. the halo on the bottom of your K,N and the characters feet is sloppy. Don't forget about finishing the piece!! the fill is nice and I like your letter stye. more focus on finishing and it would be golden

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