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Eido, those are some crisp lines... I personally like the 1st pink tag, dont like when it gets too crazy.. keep messing around though until you find a style you really feel.. on another note, that solo M is sickk, like that a lot.. keep at it mayne


DIC3, like torch said, bring it back to the basics man you got to just concentrate on keeping your lines consistent and straight before you should even think about coloring/extensions.. like people told me, gotta master the basics with blockbusters and simples before you can move on to the next level.. its like trying to bake a cake without the batter...


colors, i think those 2 NAED ones came out the best, you kept it simple and gave it some flow with the curvy structure


ill have something up in next few days

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iv been doing graff for about 4 years now but still cant get the hang of more complicated peices eg wildstyles and heaps crazy shit that i see everywhere am i just a slow learner or does it take a while to get that shit down like even more than 4 years? i can get the base for a wildstyle or complex peice like i can get the letters down i just cant seem to get the random arrows and extensions to flow my extensions and arrows always look like shit where i put them

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@romero, I like the style of that nove, its got nice flow to it..


@torch, I like how that 'Dios' piece came out the best... its got a nice style, nice fill and the 3d shading bars look on point.. id work around that style some more..

In the "Future" piece, your lines get reallllllly shaky and it came out inconsistent, the 1st 'U' is completely cramped and looks completely out of place.. work to try and make all your letters a consistent size throughout the entire word and it will really improve the outcome..

The 3d shading lines in that piece are inconsistent as well.. you want to try and stay tight and clean with those - keep them all going the same direction.. rushing small details like 3D shading can really ruin a piece..


As for the other stuff, im not really sure whats going on..

but keep practicing. Focus on staying consistent throughout your work.. you dont want to do 80% of a piece and get lazy and sloppy on shading and details, it can ruin the work .. something ive learned from experience... when I start to get lazy or want to just finish, that means its time to put down the pen and come back to it tomorrow with a clear head and new focus

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@dstroyerz, before you start shooting for arrows and extensions, focus on simple letter structure, the width of some of you letter extensions and arrows is inconsistent and makes the structure look weak and sloppy.. the fill should add to the cpmposition of the piece as well, those lines make it look cluttered and confusion.. try a solid color or a color fade for the fill before you get all crazy

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tried something a bit different with pics as i went kinda.

sorry no scanner here yet so phone pics are the best i have

outline sketch..


added 3d..


colored 3d


added a bit different color scheme..


outline, highlights and shading



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