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zen since ur using a black outline, i'd use lighter colors for the fill. just for contrasts sake. and um yea overall its good, there is definitely room for perfection..ie the overall width of the E is less then the other letters..if u can rock these out quickly and perfectly you should definitely try to work on differnt other fonts or just your own style

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whatchu talkin' about? you saw this one, i'm pretty sure.


<a href=http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6055/6290049444_9fa477ebe0.jpg' alt='6290049444_9fa477ebe0.jpg'> romero exchange by EdictOner, on Flickr[/img]


it was awhile ago, so i'd be down for another if you are.


i don't remember this hahahah. and yeah, i'd be down but idk when i'll be able to post anything. my computer has a virus and it makes it impossible for me to do anything. i got one for bowzer and someone else that i need to post that have just been sitting around my apartment collecting dust.

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not bad bro. the JI part is good. the only thing i would change about those two is the 3 bubbles above the I. as for the rest, the T is too slanted in one direction and looks off balanced, as does the S. i think you should have made the follow the same slant as the J and I. it doesn't have to be perfect, but in the same basic direction and level of slant as the two first letters. and thicken up the top bar of the T. i can see what you were trying to do, mirror the J AND U so that they are going in opposite directions. juxtapoz? i think thats the word i want to use. in that case, the T doesn't need to be bent to such a degree because its in the middle and acts as a mid point, it shouldn't lean to either side, because that makes the piece look off balanced.



idk if that makes any sense, all in all im liking your overall style. keep it goin bro.



props to ZEN as well, pretty solid straight. would look good as a roller or something.

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Baze, keep drawing, dont post everything you do.


Your letters are all different thicknesses and sizes, make ure bars consistent. Show that you can do a solid simple before you try adding any funk to the letters.


that goes for everyone, take your time and put in the hours, your gonna need at least a year before your stuff even resembles graffiti. That is unless you bite the shit out of someone elses work...


Draw me up and post a simple because I added no funk whatsoever.

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Whats the need for that shit? Either give crits, post a pic or say nothing.

HEY! fuck you. im glad they finally decided to put you in charge of this thread homie.

i like how you told me to "either give crits, post a pic or say nothing" and youre in here tryin to correct me and shit. dude shut up or post a pic or crits or somethin. lyke oh em gee

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