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i dont even no how to comment on that for some odd reason... it sucks thats all i no tho..the top throwie is ugly..do u no how many times if seen those throwie letterss...the glare should follow the hole top or atleast come to a point ya no.. the 2nd drawin wouldnt be so bad if u did FUCK! the E up lol over all i give it a 5 and thats cuz i like the top glareson the second one... thats proly the only thing i like..but hey..wat do i do lol

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thanks for the comments i can deffinetly see what you guys mean. the main reason i drew both of them was to get ideas on to paper. The first one was done pretty quick and when i get around to painting it i think im gunna use a fat cap and fade out the glare/highlight insted of just straight and cut off. that second one is just fucked up, im gunna do it again and fix the letters so the E isnt smaller than the other 2.

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ADER solid just work on that 3d a bit. your can have all the special effects in the world but if your letters look like shit no matter how good your specials is it wont look right



scape not bad. its a little over the top with all the connecting go for more simple. the last on is the best to me.


ARES- good to see some paint work on that second one. i dont care for those kind of throws but atleast it paint try to paint more define letters.


good job guy's

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Becoming a respected graffiti artist will take a lot of time and dedication, plus you must stay in co-operation with some of these unofficial rules of graffiti. Etiquette, if you will.

Bender posted a thread with these in before the site crash which got lost, and he doesn't seem to have returned so I'm taking the time to rewrite the thread for the benefit of new members and writers.


1. Know your history.

Graffiti is the oldest artform, dating back to sketches on cave walls. The Ancient Egyptians added words to graffiti, Romans and other civilisations followed suite. Graffiti has never dissappeared, from the etchings on school desks around the world to the American subway bombings in the late 20th century, with the work of artists such as Dondi inspiring new generations to write. Know your history and respect it.


2. Don't own up.

If you get caught by the police, keep quiet. If you've managed to lose your paints and any incriminating evidence by the time they catch you, chances are they won't have enough of a case to sustain charges without photographic proof.


3. Work solo or in small groups.

This is again a measure to prevent yourself being caught. The more limited the number of people aware of your night time activities the better - theres less likely to give the game away. But of course you are key in this as well. Don't let people know that your an artist, keep it quiet.


4. Don't spray on public property.

Painting your slogan on the side of someone's house may add a touch of colour to the neighbourhood, but ultimately it'll turn the civillians against you, and the graffiti subculture as a whole. Your war is with the government, not with the public - Keep it that way.


5. Don't spray on religious sites.

One of the easiest ways to offend people is via their religion. Yes, you want to voice your opinions and beliefs, but in doing so it is unnacceptable that you disrespect other people's beliefs.


6. Don't spray over another artists tag.

Cramped working space? Tough, they got their first. Spraying over other people's work will only lose you respect and anger those within the community, which is not what you want to be doing. You wouldn't like someone covering half of your work, they don't like you doing it to theirs. Use your common sense and find somewhere else to spray.


7. Respect is mutual.

So your an artist who's been on the circuit for years now, garnering respect, and you notice a new kid who's rocking your style? Don't get mad. The kid will eventually develop their own style, feel more honoured that they payed tribute to yours with their initial work. We all had someone inspire us to start spraying. Likewise kids, respect those who've been in the game the longest - listen to their advice and learn from them.


8. Don't brag.

Contrary to what you may think, you are not the illest in your area, theres always someone better, so stay quiet. And if there isn't anyone better? Then everyone already knows that your the best, and you don't need to make a big deal about it. Boasts are frowned upon in the graff community, and credit will be given where its due - just don't go looking for it.


9. Gaining more respect.

Apart from following the other rules mentioned, getting your work noticed will gain you more respect. This means spraying either -

a) Where lots of people will see it. Eg. A main road.

b) Somewhere that's difficult to get to. Eg. The side of a bridge. Or

c) Somewhere that's difficult to get to where lots of people will see it. Eg. The side of a bridge over a main road.


Obviously there is danger involved, so be sensible when attempting an audacious bombing, take safety precautions and be safe. Your health comes first.

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