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lol famous kid .... dont get high and mighty.. u aint shyt maybe to these kids.. so ur hole wigger act.. aint gon work,, i no all bout ny trash like u..i paint metal man... i have more shyt in 2 months than uv have all yrs kid.. u can even come close to my #'s ur one track... ur up in ur lil spic and gook hoods lol...im all over the fuckin country and as for ur 5-10 people lookin at ur shyt lol thats only cuz they have to see those eye sores on there way to work... u post ur ""own shyt"" on toy post to get replies and feed back like a lil bitch.... kid claims to be all that... AND HES POSTING FLIKS ON TOY POST... hahahahahah that says enof as it is... kid beef wit these lil fucks.. u dont even have enof yrs in for me to even think about takin u serious lol

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Originally posted by THE STIX@Jul 22 2005, 03:56 PM

it sucks hawaii u and maca should hook up and start a crew...imma post some of my X's shyt on here....show u wat a 15 yr punky white chick can do well she was 15 when she did these...il post them later..listenin to some good ol metal now... wwww.metalbladerecords.com

uhh come on now my shit is way better ill show u 2m

come on now

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ya maca if u were from alaska then ya.. hes from hawaii he might as well be livin on the moon lol thats good for him.... but ur from cali.. im from cali ......u should be way better than thay the influence is all around u.. wat does hawaii have.......beisdes that season of real world that was filmed there which i may add TOTALLY ROCKED! lol....

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