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leave paint alone kid lol stick to pencils man...but as far as the piece..it sucks..maybe u should try jus doin convential like u no GRAFFITI and not that daim suk type shyt those cats have been doin graffiti and art there hole lives. im not all for steps but that 3d shyt like daim and them do is on a hole dif level... and as far as those cracks...they suck.. i mean and crack can look like anything.. but lets say this.. if u wanted to draw a rock u wouldnt draw a circle and shade it to look like a ball...yet there are round circles but for a drawins and to let the person who is looki nat it no its a rock its best not to do a round rock.. same wit ur cracks,, ya cracks COULD look like that.. but those jus look like blah! now im goin to finish listenin to some killswtich engage.. then go watch grown people tv ;)

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montana is dope. but hey guess wat?? u cant rack montana buddy! not from here anyways! and bait.. how do u no how good montana is 98% of the people talkin bout how good it is aint even used it.. and if ur usin montana bait... how bout i give u all my kyrlon for u montana cuz..il put it to better use.. lol ;)

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Originally posted by THE STIX@Jul 20 2005, 10:00 PM

true.. name has gotten up..he aint up tho,, he dont need to shyt cruel as if hes the shyt, cuz he got 3 pictures.. which he took. nobody is benchin that foo, hes a toy just like the rest of u.. when other people take pictures of ur shyt.. and ur puttin in work daily... then u can start talkin shyt...


and who the fuck is you stix?


what boro dont i see you shit in?


at any givin momnt there is prolly 5 or 10 people looking at my works thoughout the boroughs.


at any givin moment




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