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Yo its not that euro. It has good letter form. It would look sick if you did it clean with a silver fill. Black outline. yellow and orange double outline. All oldschool n stuff.


I wanna paint with yall.


Fuck, ive b een bombing boston like madd and NOBODY flicks my stuff. I havent even heard of WHISPER of my name. Im fucking annoyed, i hit up downtown last night at like 10 and almost got caught. Thats high profile stuff! and it wasnt bad! just streaks. Im gonna paint trains tommorow. Maybe. I just need to find the yard. Peace.



like, come on. seriously.





on a sidenote. after walking around downtown today, I did not see any of your stuff. Don't expect to gain recognition ina city in one night.

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cnue is correct sirs and or madams, no offense to enig, but you need to get way better before you gain flickage by others, not hating, we all do, even cnue and duse, we are all getting better and some of us are almost there, but rep is something that is built over years of putting in work... graffiti is patience, a true artist doesnt rush his talent, but bestows upon the city, a burning flame of a burner for the public view, and this will be a repetitive cycle, people will hear your name, then see it, then eventually meet up with you, crews will form, civilians will fall victim to the amazing beauty that is graffiti.... REAL TALK.... wonk saggin



edit, cnue hit me up, we need to hit some fr8s

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i stole this from bonus, who stole it from some childrens alphabet shit, i know that, so theres no need to start your bitching.



the period blood and tampon didnt come out quite how i wanted them to, but it say "no tampon can stop my flow"



this said askism until some bitch tried to have sex with it and threw up all over the m.



thats all for now.

crits, exchanges, battles, etc?




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yo yo yo guys.


havent been on lately, my fucking parents disabled my internet cuz i got a bad report card.


oh well. ill be on from time to time.




lovin the second piece. no idea for a color skeme. although simple is sexy :D

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