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bosdj thats B O S D J... a few people seemed to have trouble reading it. you write ask___. how about i get creative with the suffix. unless you wanted somthin specific.


allright, thats an impossible word to pronounce. all i can think of when i try to say it is like "boss dj", but im sure thats not what youre going for, that would be pretty wack. ill have that posted up sometime this weekend. yeah, get creative with the suffix, maybe youll inspire me with a new one.

and thanks blart.

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Change youre name dude

Already a noble



lol... OH BE QUIET... its a battle. oh and i accept your apology. is it just me or is it REDICULOUSLY irritating when fuckfaces are so quick to find somthin wrong with you, all the way down to what you write. cats needa chill out, get a life, and get this whole hating vibe out. not tryna talk trash mister nomole... you just caught me at negative spot. and i have this splinter from a toothpick lodged in my esophagus and everytime i swallow, 2 seconds later im in pain. fuck it.... im done.


btw more crits on the peice please.

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