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Kid beats his Half-life 2 game


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Originally posted by MOOGLE?@Nov 29 2004, 01:47 AM

man fermentor..




the fuck is going on in x-men?



Hmm, well, in X-Men, Xorn just swallowed the remaining Brotherhood of Mutants into his supernova head, including Juggernaut who joined with the X-Men nearly two years ago. There's also been some sort of obsession with the new nurse who has a mutant son who it's been hinted is leaning toward the dark side. It's all gone downhill rapidly since Grant Morrison stopped writing for the book a few months ago.


In Uncannny Xmen, Emma Frost's old crew seems to be back at it and aiming for the X-men. Something about a giant virtual reality machine and Sage being mysteriously ambigious. Oh and they also spent about 4 issues fighting the stupidest villian I've ever seen.


In Astonishing X-Men, there is a cure for the "mutant virus", but it is financed by some alien from another planet who is humorously evil. Kitty Pride also discovers that Colossus is alive and has spent years buried underground as a part of said aliens expirement. S.H.E.I.L.D. and the sister agency that deals with extra-terristrials, S.W.O.R.D. are somehow involved but it's not made clear. New story arc starts this month I think.




If you think that all sounds absurd, I dare you to ask me to explain what's going on in Spawn.

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yea i read that one.....and at the end it shows emma frost looking out the window at shadowcat and peter and talking to a mysterious voice..






i stopped reading spawn once they brought back violator and he captured spawn in the alley and began beating the crap out of him

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