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Alife x Married to the Mob

The Hipster

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Interview! > Married To The Mob!




Married to the Mob is fresh. We had the chance to pick the brains of the newest and most official players in the women's street wear game. We chop it up on everything from Production issues, the future of the label, having no water in your apartment, Willy Nelson and watermelon taffy. They are doing it very big, much respect. Check it!



THE BRILLIANCE! > Married to the Mizzob... What's really good with you guys lately?


MTTM! > Chillin . Hustling as usual and in the mean time enjoying life.



TB! > More importantly, how corny was that 'Mizzob' above?


MTTM! > Corny is good sometimes.



TB! > What did you guys have for breakfast? And what is dinner looking like this evening?


L! > I don't wake up early enough for breakfast. But the first thing I had in my mouth was.......... walnuts and craisins.


S! > i had no water in my apt this morning...so i had i a week old iced coffee i found in the fridge for breakfast. We're eating at Leah's house...she's cooking pork chops and sausage....i might go home.



TB! > For those who don't live in NYC, aren't constantly on Being Hunted, or are just super-square...explain to us what MTTM is all about. The whole thing...the clothing, the lifestyle, the brand, etc.


MTTM! > Dam there are people who dont know about MTTM yet?...only kidding...well MTTM is all about our way of life.....the style we like, the parties we go to, the people we chill with, the trouble we get into, the shit we laugh about....



TB! > If you were given three words to describe MTTM what would they be?





TB! > Who is MTTM? Name the people involved.


MTTM! > Us, Leah and Sharon. But all of our friends are involved some way or another. Either just supporting, repping and sometimes helping out with shit.



TB! > What city do you guys rep?


MTTM! > NYC of course.



TB! > Does each member play a specific role or does everybody handle everything?


MTTM! > No we both handle everything. Nothing is done without the other being involved...it's like checks and balances.



TB! > How did things get started for you guys? What made you want to start MTTM?


MTTM! > We were bored as shit last summer and drunk all the time. So we had good ideas and the resources to get started...so we said fuck it....let's start our own line.



TB! > What makes MTTM different then 'everyone else' doing their thing in the niche-fashion game? Would you credit a lot of the originality to the fact that it's a girls-only brand?


MTTM! > Well for one, it's different cause we're doing it....it's our perspective. We dont think it is original soley because it is girls only, we think it's original because of the concepts behind each shirt. most of the logos could be altered a little and work on a man's shirt. If anything, we think it's original because everything is kind of masculine but intended for women....20 other girls-only brands can come out, and we dont think that will fuck up our game at all. There is only one Married to the Mob.



TB! > What is the day-to-day like running MTTM? Is it a full-time job for you?


MTTM! > WE dont fuck wit "full-time"...haha.... We are big on enjoying our lives. We do what we do, we enjoy our day, and incorporate work in. Realistically, we are always working....it's always on our minds. Sometimes we'll call one another at 4 in the morning because we have a good concept to discuss. Sometimes its a shitty idea at 4am and the one on the receiving end gets pissed.



TB! > I want to talk to some of the more 'behind-the-scenes' type areas of the clothing game... Such as manufacturing. Which, to those who don't know, is no joke...it's quite difficult to get everything lined up. How did that go for you guys, was it a struggle to pull it all together?


MTTM! > Oh production is a pain in the ass. anything that could go wrong has gone wrong for us at one time or another. we were dealing with some jerk-offs who cut the necklines opened on all of our shirts. We had assholes sewing in tags upside down and shit. one place even forgot to "cure" half of a production run!...curing seals the ink, so when the shirts were washed everything washed off. It's just a matter of dealing with the bad as it comes along and learning from mistakes.



TB! > How is it going now? Are you guys doing cut-and-sew pieces at all?


MTTM! > Right now things are going well, we think we have the production figured out. Next season we are adding cut and sew, some off the wall shit. Just keep your pants on...you'll see it soon enough.



TB! > What about runs...how many of each piece do you produce? Or are you producing in accordance with demand?


MTTM! > We produce based on demand and pre-orders we receive for each style.



TB! > What's long(er) term vision for the pieces in the line? Shirts, shoes, pants/jeans, jackets, accessories, those old long-ass Triple Fat Goose style jackets, fannie packs?


MTTM! > oh yeah....all that good stuff. keep your eyes peel for a flask and bikini in the near future.



TB! > If you could organize a concert with any 5 musicians/bands dead or alive, who would we see?


MTTM! > 1. the notorious B.I.G

2. chopin

3. Jimi Hendrix

4. Willy Nelson

5. N.W.A


we like a lot of dead people.....is willy nelson still alive?



TB! > Also, I know right now MTTM is strictly a women's line. For somewhat obvious reasons I would assume it will continue on like that... Is that the plan? Was that a stupid question?


MTTM! > yep that's the plan. we've been asked to do men's shirts before...we just dont care to.



TB! > Real quick... Sidekick or Blackberry? Nike or Adidas? Sushi or McDonalds? Apple or PC? Aston Martin or Lambo? Palm trees or Pine trees?


L! > Treo, Nike, Sushi even though I love a good double pounder with cheese once in a while, apple, to be honest I'm more of an SL 500 hard top convertible kind of a girl, palm trees for sure.


S! > Treo; Nike; Sushi...fuck mc donald's...i saw supersize me; Apple--but the shit is always breaking; aston martin for sure; cherry blossom trees.



TB! > Distribution... I actually saw your stuff at Huf last weekend in SF and I know you guys are doing your thing in quite a few of the staple stores in NYC... How did your distribution come about? Do you handle all of that internally?


MTTM! > We do all of our own distribution...we're hands on if ya know what i mean.



TB! > Officially, list all the stores people can find your gear...


MTTM! > nah.



TB! > Any store you would love to have carry your gear?


MTTM! > one that will order 2million pieces each season.



TB! > What about a MTTM store in the future...is this something you guys are thinking about?


MTTM! > we're working on it....we just dont want to link up with some investor that tries to change how we do.



TB! > What about collaborations... I know you did one with Alife, any other ones in the future coming up? I remember reading on Supertalk that there were rumors of you and Bape doing something...?!


MTTM! > oh we cant tell you..but yeah we are in talks on a few big things with some big people that we respect...



TB! > Alright... Some off the subject questions... What brands/people do you really appreciate right now? Who is cold doing their thing?


MTTM! > Alife and Supreme always...they are the kings and inspire us. Goyard- act like you know. Versace-making an ill comeback. Lindsay Lohan- we love that freckled little coke head.



TB! > Now name names!! Who is wack right now? Who should just quit while they're behind?


MTTM! > Marc Jacobs--enuf with that vintage copied, so-called "inspired" bullshit. And what the fuck is he doing over at LV? Imitation of Christ---no explanation needed. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; worst cover up for a gay actor ever.



TB! > Favorite website(s)?


MTTM! > style.com

thebrilliance.com of course




gawker.com.....gawker stalker is the shit.




TB! > Favorite places to travel? Any 'dream' vacation destination?


L! > My favorite place so far is St. Barth's


S! > My favorite is Copenhagen..I hate the weather but i love the city & the people.


MTTM! > As for a dream vacation...we want to plan a Retail Mafia "family vacation" to Robert's Cove--it's a whole little island you can rent off of belize...it has like 10 huts in the water...it's dope.



TB! > Favorite flavor of taffy?


L! > Watermelon


S! > I dont eat that.



TB! > Best designed car right now?


L! > AMG benzo


S! > Maybach



TB! > This is the random section... Anything you want here. Random thoughts, something crazy that happened to you in traffic yesterday, shout outs or whatever the kids call it these days, what color socks you're wearing, anything is cool here... Let em' have it!


L! > lets see...shout outs to the whole MOB Crew and Retail Mafia, my main men Jest and Jerry, and my fam. I didn't wear socks today cause I had on loafers. Let's see what else...oh yeah...mad love to my partner in business and crime, Sharon, for beating some girls ass last week at Lotus after she started with me for no apparent or obvious reason. I wish I could've seen her fucked up face the next day.



TB! > Final words? Closing thoughts?


MTTM! > cant think of any....sorry.



TB! > Was this interview too long?


L! > kind of...not really.


S! > I have A.D.D...



TB! > As always... What are your thoughts on THE BRILLIANCE?


MTTM! > Good stuff!















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Married to the Mob


words: f.o.r.e. / photo: mttm


All ready two seasons deep and the third being one of the most anticipated fall/winter collections by most street savvy women, IQMND managed to catch up with these busy business ladies to ask them about what life is like being the Most Official Bitches. Sure there has been plenty of coverage over these past few months, but you'll find that this interview isn't part of that norm. F.O.R.E. gets deeper and got Leah and Sharon to cough up how MTTM gets down. Now, this is for them BITCHES, you know them Supreme BITCHES!


"The M.O.B. comes equipped with warfare, beware of my crime family who got nuff shots to share for all of those who wanna profile and pose rock you in your face, stab your brain wit' your nosebone."


IQMND: Getting started - How did you ladies put MTTM together? Were there any major issues MTTM had to overcome before you could put the line out? If yes, how did you deal with it?


MTTM: We were just chillin last summer, neither one of us had a job, so we just decided to start a t-shirt line. We had nothing else to do. Not really, we had good ideas and the connections to get the product made so we did it. Nah, luckily we didn't have to deal with any real issues. We don't really get stressed out about shit anyway, it's not worth it.


IQMND: Inspirations/influences - What inspires MTTM? As women in general what influences you do keep moving on a daily basis? How has MTTM affected you personal life and vice versa?


MTTM: Living in New York it is really easy to find inspiration, all you have to do is take a walk down the block no matter where in the city you live, there will always be some crazy shit going on. We get inspired by a variation of many different things,bums and junkies, Chanel, Goyard, expensive shit, haters, lovers, purple rabbits, white trash, God, 1996, our friends, just to name a few. Well in terms of our personal life, it's funny because there are websites where people we don't even know talk about us. Plus it has changed our relationship, sometimes we fight and we have to learn to separate business from friendship and not take anything personal.


IQMND: Other designers - Who are you feeling right now? Who's wack in your opinion right now? Feel free to answer freely because from what I've seen and read you ladies ain't fucking shy.


MTTM: Roberto Cavalli has some ill, over the top shit,some high-end guidette shit. So does Versace. As always, we love Balenciaga, Hanes and YSL. Marc Jacobs sucks.


IQMND: Do you have a good story to tell? Something you'd like to share with the readers, like a day in your shoes. What's it like just being you?


MTTM: We were talking to possible investors. They decided to take us to PM (a club in the meatpacking district) after dinner. Up 'til that point, they loved us! We had a booth----some little drunk bitch decided to run up on our table & start dancing. It was ridiculous! So I pushed her off the table. She fell on the floor and hit her head off the edge of the table. It was ugly. Her friend tried to get loud then and Leah threw a drink in her face. The investors were stunned but their girlfriends were happier than shit. They thought the skanks were trying to steal their men, or at least their men's black cards. Being us is pretty fun.


IQMND: If you don't mind me asking, describe the perfect man. How would you like to be approached by a man? What's the worse pick up line you've ever been given?


L: My man is the absolutely most perfect guy for me. Smart, creative, successful and yet modest. I hate show off-y guys, that's so faggy to me. And most importantly he is in love me as much as I'm in love with him. We are going to live happily ever after. What more does any girl want? I like to be the one who approaches, the aggressor. The last thing I want is my guy to be aggressive. Worst pick up line would have to be "Hey mami" I guess that doesn't sound so bad, but it was coming from an amputee in a wheelchair outside the AIDS clinic on Rivington.


S: The perfect man makes me laugh, has his shit together, got style, and is my biggest fan. I hate when men approach me. I just assume they approach everyone. I keep walking when I hear pick up lines. But the worst shit that happened recently---some little bastard paid me a compliment when I passed him on the street, I kept walking, and because I ignored him, he threatened "to kick me in the chest".


IQMND: Being really random, pick between these options and tell us why. Diamonds or Furs?


L: Diamonds especially canary


IQMND: Gucci or Louis Vuitton?


L: Clothes- Gucci Bags-LV classic


IQMND: Jay Z or Nas?


L: Nas.


IQMND: Pharrell or Kanye West?


L: Pharrell. Fuck the Roc.


IQMND: Shower or Bath?


L: Bath


IQMND: The Beach or the Spa?


L: Beach (Amagansett)


IQMND: Dinner and a movie or pre-drinking then the club?


L: Depends, dinner and a movie with my man then pre-drinking and clubbing with the MOB Crew


IQMND: Diamonds or Furs?


S:: Diamonds---they have a better resale value.


IQMND: Gucci or Louis Vuitton?


S: Neither---goyard.


IQMND: Jay Z or Nas?


S: I love them both. But I have to go with J.


IQMND: Pharrell or Kanye West?


S: Kanye.


IQMND: Shower or Bath?


S: Bath.


IQMND: The Beach or the Spa?


S: The Beach.


IQMND: Dinner and a movie or pre-drinking then the club?


S: Fuck the movies. Dinner & drinks, then more drinks at da club.


IQMND: A good night in N.Y. is accomplished how?


MTTM: By hanging with us.


IQMND:If you could do a collaboration with anybody who would it be?


MTTM: Kaws


IQMND: Say there was no MTTM right now, what would you be doing?


L: Having Babies.


S: Collecting Welfare.


IQMND: Any Last Words or Shout Outs?


MTTM: Check Yourself.


Look out for MTTM's third season, filled with the regular hot tees and sweats, plus jewelry made by Evan Yurman, collaboration with Timberland and naughty sex toys? Can't say more.

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It’s a spin off the retail mafia name. God, I feel like I’ve answered this a million times.

Can’t you people think of some half way interesting questions. Ok just kidding.

That was rude, sorry. So yeah, spin off of the retail mafia…and of course MOB,

Most Official Bitches which is the crew. Since we started though, MOB had become a

way of life. I even hear people describing things as MOB. Isn’t that crazy?

Iike it’s a new word in the dictionary. I love that.


Whilst of course married to the mob is still a relatively new brand

and yet i would say you create more gossip than any other brand out there?

why’s this?


OK yes! An interesting question. I would say probably because I speak and act

without thinking first. Only very boring people do that. Also because MOB are a

group of females and happen to be attractive as well. Also, not only do I put my

clothes out there, but myself as well. I say, do and make things that people react to.

It is not a thought out thing, it’s natural. I have been this way since I could speak.

I read recently on a board that I was a stuck up cunt and should be turned away at

the gates of heaven, that was the greatest thing I have ever heard. Fucking hysterical!

All the people gossiping are a bunch of nerdy dudes who are such losers that they

would stand on line to get a shirt or the newest dunk/Jordan etc. Fucking lame.

They also probably have tiny dicks and can’t get fucked. People say women are

gossipers but in this case it is the exact opposite. I have gotten nothing but love from

females. They like what I do and want to be MOB.


Talk good, talk bad…just keep talking. A proverb from my homie Marlin.


Why? Why clothing brand Leah?

I love clothes. And I felt left out, all the guys had shirts to wear but when it came to

girl tees and shit, nobody was doing it right. I didn’t want to rep anybody except high

end shit. But how many high end labels make hot tees? None really. And I’m not

wearing a shirt with a big triple five soul logo on it. No offense to them, I give that chik

mad respect for becoming a very rich lady. But I just wouldn’t wear it. Also, it was

the best way to start building a name that could be branched out to so many more things.


So, I hear the only reason MTTM has made it this far is your Relationship

with Alife? That’s pretty cool, what you gonna get into next? Politics? I hear

Bill Clinton’s pretty keen? (of course we can edit this hahaha)


Whoever belives that the fact that my man is a co-owner of alife is the reason to my

business growing is really ignorant. I wish it was that easy. I would be a lot less

stressed out. Did it help get my stuff out there to the right people, yes of course. I

would hope that the man that claims he loves me would want to help in anyway he

could. But beyond introducing me to a couple people, it was all me and Sharon. It was

our money, our ideas and our drive and ambition that got us to where we are, and it

isn’t anywhere close to where I want to be. Besides, where would anyone be without

having relationships with other people. That’s a big part of business. Oh yeah, I think

Bill Clinton is kinda hot in that sleazy old man kinda way.

But I’m definitely not going to intern with him.


Seriously though, mttm is in a number of high profile stores and the new

site is up, whats next?


Hmm..well there is a bikini coming out in the spring. I wanted to release it for

Holiday/Resort but I decided to sit on it. I have had a lot of business meetings this

week, but who knows what will work out and what won’t. I am just focusing on getting

my holiday stuff out and designing for spring/summer. And for whatever else comes

my way. Also my girl Lori Lo is working on a line under the MOB label. Should be

dope, don’t know when exactly it’s coming out though.


I hear there have been some recent changes in the day to day running

of mttm? Wheres Sharon?


Yes there has been a major change, Sharon left the company. But who can blame her.

She is on a 200 foot yacht with an older wealthy gentleman that she fell in love with.

I think she is in St. Barts right now. Sharon, if you have internet service and you

read this, call me!!! And tell dude to fly me out there.




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Alife, is an institution, but with the influx of new people to the culture and the opening of the new store, there are probably many people out there who, whilst, they know the name, might not know what it means… Tell us about alife, when, where, what and who?


What’s up Slam! Whilst there might be people out there that don’t know everything about us, this is what it’s all about. We would never expect everybody to know everything about us. The people that watched us from inception have the total picture, and that’s not such a big group. When people that don’t know about Alife enter our shops, they have no clue what is going on. They don’t know why our brand has a certain hype around it nor why these products are valuable to our culture. Our shop is not for them. I view our shop more as a showcase of goods that we have produced. Once shit is sold out, it’s gone forever, until the next round comes in.




There are many aspects of alife, production, rtft amongst them, on a day to day basis.. how do all these areas run?

These are some of the arms that Alife has. These are the products that are available to the public wherever we distribute our goods. These “soft goods� are managed from design to production to distribution. This has proven to be a harder task than we imagined, but I feel that we are just now getting to where we are the most comfortable than we have ever previously been. We also get involved in lots of behind the scene type of projects that the average consumer would never know about. In most instances, these are the projects that fund our operations. We will work for hire, for other brands, as long as we believe that what these outside brands are representing is relevant to our lifestyle.




For me, Alife stands out above most other labels out there today, simply due to the fact, from day one and through all aspects of the business, everything is done ‘properly’ cut and sew that stands out, retail that is outstanding, but inparticular the co-labs that Alife participates in are huge, I mean Adidas, Medicom and Levis! It doesn’t get much bigger than that? Is this something you plan to continue? Can you get any bigger?




Thanks for the compliments above. As far as the collaborations go, we are definitely continuing on this path. This has been our M.O. since we began. The collabs are only going to get better and bigger. We are in the talking stages with some of the largest brands in the world, and I’m not speaking of brands that are the obvious choices. We are collaborating with the top tier brands that are important to the life that we are living currently. We like to be random with the brands that we get down with as to keep everyone on their toes.




The new NYC retail space is simply an amazing space.. how, who and when did the theme of the store and the design develop?




The new shops are designed based around our products. We wanted the retail spaces to be simple in design, a mixture of materials that were everything from linoleum to walnut wood. A mixture of expensive materials and cheap materials. We wanted the clothing and products to be the major focus of the shops. The shops are pretty monotone in terms of color, most of the color comes from the clothing that is on display. The soundtrack that is played in the NYC shop is exclusively for us from the Wu-Tang clan. The soundtrack that is played in the diorama area is made exclusively for us by a producer named, “The Beats�. This soundtrack was made to go hand in hand with the installation that you are looking at while listening to it. So, overall it is a total package that we are trying to get across, it’s the sound, the product, the shop quality, and last but not least, it’s the service.




And why Vancouver? Will this store be any different to that of the NYC store? Can we expect a sneaker store similar to Rivington Club outside NYC also?


Vancouver was a step for us to explore life outside of the USA. I think it is an unassuming area, we have specific parts of our business happening in Vancouver, so this was a big reason why we are up there. The product offering is almost the same except for a few exceptions such as HUF. You can expect more outside of the USA in the future.




The stores, of course, don’t just sell Alife, other brands like MTTM, and Irak are well represented also, the culture must have changed immensely over the last few years since alife started, with all the hype, all the new brands, all the internet games.. what are your thoughts on these changes?

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I think shit has to constantly evolve. With evolution comes new ideas. The biggest problem that I see happening at the moment is the unwillingness to gamble with new ideas. I feel that most people are just taking ideas that are proven to work and putting their names on it, in other words biting.

That’s all good, but while that is going on, we are going to be exploring new territories.




Whats next for Alife? Now that the latest retail projects are complete can we expect further development of the brand?

Currently we are exploring various distribution tactics. We are tightening up our brand in all aspects, distribution, manufacturing, retail, etc. We are looking to expand to other parts of the world as well. All of these things are currently happening and we are looking forward to what the future has to offer.




Alife isn’t just a store or a brand! Its, it’s own culture, a strong player in the infamous NYC retail mafia also.. Was this a plan from the start? Whats the mafia all about?

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The Retail Mafia was the idea of one Dirt Don the Ron of aNYthing. We are all in contact with each other, we party together, we are involved in the clothing business, overall we respect what each other do. Our brands as a collective are pretty powerful in this genre that we belong to. This wasn’t the plan from the start but we are coming up on the 2 year anniversary since the Retail Mafia came about.




Jest, of course you came from an art or writing background, but how did you end up in this game? Were you a kid, similar to me, who rocked the latest kicks and threads from day one? Why Alife for you?


I rocked B-Boy gear growing up. Army and Navy store to get the Lee pinstripe jeans and jean jackets, LeTigre’s, Adidas shell toes, Pony’s, leather bomber with fur hood, sheepskins, etc… Why Alife for me? It’s born from our the life that we grew up in. It’s shit that we enjoy making and love to see the random people that rep it.




As far as your own art.. Can we expect much more from you over the next year or so?


As far as my own art, you can view it on the clothing, store designs and installations. This shit takes up soo much of my time that my personal art comes into play when it can take the form of a product for sale in one of our shops




Whats next for Alife and whats next for Jest?

The World is Yours.


Is there anything else you want to say. To anyone about anything?

Thank you for your support.




stolen from:


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I'll admit I like some of the stuff that comes out of alife.


I think that putting out limited product is a dope thing as well.


But that Married to the mob shit is stupid and Im not hating I love to see people get their hussle on, but they took what potentialy could have been a really genius idea and are running it w/ shitty designs and half ass attention to what they put out.dont get me wrong some of their Ideas are hot like the timbo collab and the necklaces but over all their stuff seems to be not very well thought out and I think they are getting alot of love because of who they hang out w/.Another case of yo ima put their shit on cause they my girls..that shit is week.i'll put my boy over in the BKs line 1soul against their shit any day....

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Originally posted by Herbivore@Nov 24 2004, 12:51 PM

watch out... they're from Chelsea and "the mean streets of Yonker, NY"...... that's hilarious..... so is this:


In4mant: Who do you roll with?


MTTM : We roll with a select, privileged few?generally ill girls who hold it down?bitches who do their own thing?but mostly, you'll find us chillin with the boys of the Retail Mafia.


that one girl has some nice funbags though.


yonkers really has MEAN STREETS...


chealsea too..

dont jump the gun. these girls are getting their hustle on.

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