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Photoshop Thread


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Would any of you be interested in doing some artwork for a CD?

I would do my own stuff, but I don't know how to use photoshop for shite.

I can't pay, but we can send you some copies and of course you'll get full credit (if you want it)


If any of you are interested you can just hit me up on here or by email:

lifewhyz AT gmail DOT com





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Thanks for the feedback. We decided to go with the second one. The first one has issues. The rap crew is more than three and there is no picture of the whole crew, yet. The font was his choice, hard to pick one, since i have a tone of fonts installed.


What's funny is he said "CD Cover". He was talking about the "Album Cover", not the disc itself :lol:


Now he is working on sending me some pictures so get that going, my bad. Thanks to my new webcam, he can see my work live and make his own suggestions.

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So album cover is the disc, while CD cover is the front of the insert in the jewel case (ie main cover)?


As far as the Distressed Cowboy font, I definitely like it, but I agree, it has been used a lot. Im not against something better, but I know theres a shitload to pick from, so I feel bad going through a million in a row. But im open to suggestions from anyone.


t4m, Im bout to go on AIM in a few if you're around?

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t4m - that moon is awesome. really good job on that man



Johnny - nice stuff but on the subway car cd, the type used in the metro is out of place I feel

I know it's past work but if your bored play around with a different one to make it a better portfolio piece



diamond - I agree with what schismism said only if the band demanded it on there




for those into music related art and pretty much anything else to do with art

take a look at http://www.gigposters.com

an amazing amount of talent on there

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