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NACE stories! Chases, arrests, etc......

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I started this thread in hopes of Newa, Chip, Bleek or anyone else who personally knew him sharing some stories with us about his fun graffilthy adventures...... Anything from wholecars, to getting ch

i don't know about 6 or 7 months ago i kept nagging john to go to this grilled wharehouse area of the trainline to paint path work trains that were layed up behind a hill.the bulk of them were scraps,

theres so much to be said about nace..so many stories...but besides painting we always had the best times doing nothing...after i moved from jersey. id always fly in from the midwest to be greeted my



Originally posted by NewaMayhemEnd

theres so much to be said about nace..so many stories...but besides painting we always had the best times doing nothing...after i moved from jersey. id always fly in from the midwest to be greeted my nace who would immediatly take me to eat some real pizza...something the midwest lacks...


we would drive around aimlessly for hours shooting the shit and look at all his recent master pieces...while i would sit there amazed more and more at everything he had done he would sit there and explain why he hated it and had to do better. he was always so on point yet never had a big head about himself...


the best times where with me nace and chip, the treaturous trio, the mayhem md three....we would just sit around and make up new words for shit or nace and chip would put me up on the new slang...every person was a "gent" every female a "gem" any beutiful girl a "dime peice" later shorted to "a dime" if a spot was get over, nace would refer to it as "knob creek", if something was stupid or gay it was "ca-ber-ray"(sound it out cause i cant spell it)...everything need its own twist on it, if we went to dukin dougnuts it was to get an "h coco" as apposed to hot chocalate....and if it taste good, every thing was "delish"..everything good was "grade A", anything bad, "grade f", these both later turned into just "G F or G A"...


nace was such an "all american" guy...he loved bruce springsteen and kiss. he was so polite to everyone he met and no matter how bad times were, how hot spots where or how broke he was, he would always paint and never once planned on taking a break or stopping, just planned on pushing his style to the furthest limit and painting as much as humanly possible. I know this is a little off topic, but these are the things that made nace unlike anyone i ever knew...



NewaMayhemEnd do you work for 12oz?

I was wondering if their is a NACE rememberance site out??? a dot com?

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Guest fr8lover
Originally posted by NewaMayhemEnd

A nace site is being planned and created as we all speak, type, whatever. The man behind the keys is working on the domain name now, so im not sure what its going to be called yet...alot of variations on the name nace are already taken...we'll see, but it is being made...


newa if you guys need free space, drop me an email...itd be an honor to host it...

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puregraffiti.com would also be honored to host it.


I can provide unlimited disk space,unlimited bandwidth, we will even be happy to pay for the dot com name. I can also provide unlimited email aliases,html support,flash design support,full ftp access, full featured online control panel,and more. You should definatley go all out for Nace, and we would definatley support it.





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these stories and events are the things that i live for and they are the things evone should live for.... all of our work can be erased but our memories can never be erased and will live on as long as we are here. im glad nace brought so many good times and memories to so many. truly a great man. i hope the site is up soon.


r.i.p nace


i wish i could have met you......




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Guest ishavemybutt

At this years scribble jam i was way to into the piece that i was painting and wasnt really trying to do the meet and greet. Until Jaser told me that Ewok had arrived (he is a favorite of mine), and was painting on the back wall. So i just left all my paint laying in front of my piece and took off for the back wall. When i got around back Ewok was finishin up his piece and i talked to him for a second then looked at the MAYHEM wall and i about shit my pants. Nace came over and talked to us and i gave him a copy of my zine and showed him flicks of my stuff. Just from the brief conversation i had with him he seemed to be a real down to earth person and not full of himself like so many other writers. So that night i leave after finishing my piece and return to my city. I go to the main yard and am walking around in there taking flicks, and as i am walking i see a Nace piece, the one in scribble #7 on the nace page four flicks down. I smiled and flicked it acouple of times. The next day my friend told me what had happened to Nace when i went to pick him up to drive back to the Nati' to get flicks of scribble. When we get to the wall the first thing we do is go around back to see the nace piece. The WHOLE back wall got DICKED. I was so pissed. I have yet to see flicks of the wall before it got dicked, if anyone has flicks of the pieces By MAYHEM or the AWR MSK stuff i will trade flicks of whatever you want for it. Either E mail me or hit up my P.O. box for my zine.


Revolting Magazine / Friend camp

P.O. Box 302

Worthington Ohio



It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to whoever helps me out. Also if you have nace flicks of walls trains billboards or whatever i would trade for those as well.


Thanks again, and Rest in peace Nace.

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hey ishavemybutt...that wall will probably be in the next scribble i would think. if it isnt, i know okae got flicks. we gave them to jaser before i got to scan them or anything.


i will talk to him and get the negatives and see what i can do. i have about 5000 flicks ive been meaning to post here, but i always get to lazy to set it up. i will make that wall my first priority...


even for nace, that wall was ill. im used to always being blown away by his shit, but that wall was, and his peice was so amazing. rest in peace brother...

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Originally posted by THA SMOCSTA



respect is something you earn. which you get none of from that one statement alone i can tell. to disrespect someone in that way for the sake of trying to be funny, isnt funny at all. and of those who do respect you, if any, are worse than yourself, an thats bad. i have respect for him through what i've seen/heard alone. an my respects not free, so to me, that right theres some shit. 8 friends later fucker an im still here, learn to respect the dead faggot, 'cause losers like you will be spittin on your grave when your numbers pulled.


i apologize for even puttin this up in this thread but somethin i had to get off my chest :/ god bless the dead

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Guest ishavemybutt

Yo STANK sorry it took me a while to get back on here, i dont spend alot of time on the net, anyways i tried your e mail and it didnt work, ill try it someother way though. if you dont hear from me hit me up again.

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