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NACE stories! Chases, arrests, etc......

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I started this thread in hopes of Newa, Chip, Bleek or anyone else who personally knew him sharing some stories with us about his fun graffilthy adventures...... Anything from wholecars, to getting ch

i don't know about 6 or 7 months ago i kept nagging john to go to this grilled wharehouse area of the trainline to paint path work trains that were layed up behind a hill.the bulk of them were scraps,

theres so much to be said about nace..so many stories...but besides painting we always had the best times doing nothing...after i moved from jersey. id always fly in from the midwest to be greeted my

guy practically dragged my ass onto a rooftop one nite in the snow. there must've been close to 6" of snow on the ground. i damn near fell off that roof onto a lower one because i was trying to finish as fast as i could. bad boy's still running...


rip john

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Where do you start? The first time I painted with nace on the northeast amtrack nj transit line, we went to do this spot on the border of elizabeth/newark. As we were walking down the steet to walk up a hill to get to the line, nace was just giving me the low down of wahat the spot was like and what to do if we got spoted and shit...


then out of nowhere nace was like, get down, get down and threw me to the ground, then out of nowhere sparks and the rim of a tire flew by us and hit a wall about 4 feet away from us. Chip was already up ahead of us up on the line but one of us almost got nailed. we looked over and saw a stolen car ridding on just the little peice of shit the brake pad is on whatever that is called. 7 secounds(great band) later a grip of 5's came rollin after him. guess the car was stolen and either had the tire shot off or he hit something and kept rollin. it was pretty ill, i dont know if it would have taken our heads off but im sure we would have been fucked up.


Needless to say, we painted anyway, which was the typical nace move, no mater what goes down you paint. Me and chip ended up having one of our now famous fights up on the line over who gotv a shiter spot and that was that.... ill try to write more as i get time...

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Here is a werid one. Im my early days, before I knew any better I was in the local layup with a friend of mine, nothing big, just a lil daytime action. Well I'm doin my thing, and my man is just kinda a chillin. Now the spot I was doing was not the smartest place to paint, but anyway halfway through I look down the tracks and see these 2 heads walkin down. Nace and another guy, who I will keep nameless. Well needless to say Nace was a lil heated at what I was doin, at the time I did not see the big deal, but now I realize my stupidity. Anyway, he comes up and is all amped and shit. Some shit happens and we were bout to rock, now my man was not having it and I dont think Naces boy was either. Well some shit happend (once again no need for detail) but eventually we all cooled down. And he starts telling me why I should not have been paining there. Well in the middle of the conversation, some other heads decide to roll into the yard, I think like 2-3, and we were just talkin bout how too many people paint here. Remember this is during the day. So we roll down ready to get into whatever, and it turns out to be some other guy Nace painted with along with some of his boys from out of state. Well we all kinda talk for a minute, nace, his man and the others bounce to another spot, and I go back and finish my shit. As hectic as it got, and as uncool me and Nace were, I stilllearned alot. And respected him for accepting my ignorance.


I was never cool with him like that, but respected him for the way he handled different things. He was a huge inspiration, and this lil story is something I felt like sharing, even though it makes me look bad. But needless to say, he taught me some things that day, shit that too this day I follow, and try to pass on. RIP NACE.

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About 3 years ago I'm walking with a couple of friends down a line of tracks in Newark. We're on our way to catch fliks of a wall we painted there the night before. It was supposed to be a battle wall -- our little unknown collective vs. Nace and his crew. From about a hundred yards away (long walls at the spot) we spot 2 people painting near the section of concrete we're headed to. We stop.


"Yo it's cops.."

"Nah it's writers.."

"You think its ____ or Nace or ____?"

"They might wanna fight .. "

"Lets rush up ..."

"Lets bounce...."

"Nah fuck it, let's just talk to 'em .. we'll just talk and see what happens."


We decide to keep walking. As soon as we get closer, it becomes clear that it is in fact Nace, painting along with ____ next to the "battle wall" we were hoping to flik. Nace stops spraying and asks if we're writers. Nervous in my approach, I offer up a pound and tell him what I write. A disappointed look immediately comes over him and he turns around, realizing he's wasted his time.


The rest is just an arguement; pointless words over sheer irrellevance. We leave having gained nothing, and losing what under other circumstances might have been an honorable aquaintance.


I went into Newark that day knowing only of Nace what I had heard from rumor, heresay, legend or gossip -- I left knowing also that he didn't like me, and I didn't like him. Later on, I gained a sense of respect and appreciation for the man based simply on his enormous reputation & presence as a nearly unstoppable force within the world I tried so hard to make even the slightest impact in, and still do.


I can say without flinching that I definitely regret having known Nace only on bad terms. After reading the posts on here and talking to people who've been so greatly impacted by his work alone, I can see that it's definitely MY loss.


Personally, I've lost 2 great friends of my own, unfortunately to suicide, so I sympathize with those close to him for what they've been through, and apologize to Nace himself for not showing him the respect I now realize he deserved. Hopefully his soul has transcended this bullshit little reality that everything "living" clings to and has touched down somewhere on a higher plane.

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i don't know about 6 or 7 months ago i kept nagging john to go to this grilled wharehouse area of the trainline to paint path work trains that were layed up behind a hill.the bulk of them were scraps,but once in a blue moon it looked like they pulled live ones in.i didn't care regardless ,i never got a chance to piece them before ,and i was entralled with their yellow color.i had seen some guys from what i thought was europe painted the outside strip a while ago and it never left.nace had done the live verison work trains with an unnamed philly freight writer [and former partner] in a fluke location in 1998.he said they were coming home from rocking pieces on the paths at a different location.they simply parked,and walked up to where they were and did them.they flicked them ,and bounced.while driving away they looked on the tracks and saw the workers showing up for their shifts.they mustlikely left the work trains there for a night.imagine their surprise....... so when he finally agreed to go it was as a favor to me.the thing about this area is a slew of kids had already been chased out ,and it was lit up like a christmas tree.it is also very close another extremely busy yard on a very busy line.the plan was to sneak around into the pocket drop our stuff ,and leave.we gained excess via a backstreet ,and dodged a huge work truck on the long walk in ...laying down inches from our bodies and it ''slow rolled''us.when we finally got there it was a tense atmosphere.he was like ''let's drop quick simples''[ this is coming from a guy who always pushed the envelope,and was calm in high pressure situations.i am like ''ok''.we start painted the other side of the train that has been parked there forever.and upon closer look all the trains there where scraps.we start painting i am doing a full color ''cbs''blockie with newly gotten montana ,and john is freestyling an ''anga'' simple piece with blue tones.i am almost done about to throw white highlights on the plum .when all of a sudden a bright light shines on us both .we duck under the train,hiding for our lives.i peek out to the left of us [the light source]and see a squad car parked at the of an neighbooring factory 's parking lot shining high beams into the pocket.he gets out [about 8 feet away]and is stands at the fence with a flashlight.there we are whispering in a panic ''what to do???''.he has seen us and is calling backup we presume.i am like'' regardless they are gonna come from the workstation a block away and we should just split''.he is like'' wait a second ''and for some reason the cop gets in the car ,and turns around.in what we guessed was an attempt to get on the line another way.it is freezing cold that night,we look at each other ........and with steam from our breath agree this is our chance.we run the length of the trainline to the side of a highway,ditch our paint,and then walk it to a residentional area and find where we parked.we get in the car catching our collective breath[not the way we came in].he is like ''i told you i didn't want to go over there''.the great thing about nace was his expert spot selection,and planning.he took into account what was gonna get buffed......and what was ''get over'' and what would get you caught.all the while taken serious risks.he would pull off insane pieces in places they were not supposed to be ,while some local kid would get bagged catching a white shoe polish tag on a mailbox in the suburbs.that night we almost got bagged for a garbage train.earlier that week i got in a ''cops'' style chase through backyards doing another ''cbs''on a tiny wall on rt.1 that came out like shit.the moral of this story is i should have listened to him in the first place.sorry if i am babbling it was a long day at work ..........

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You see stories like that are totally priceless.... They do nothing but add to his legacy and help the people who never knew him to envision what kind of person he was...... aside from writing people say he was a good man and it's hard to meet writers who are good people in general also.

Thanks a whole lot CHIP!! That's a primo story....

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Guest Can you sign my book???

I met Nace at rocksteady three years ago...I was definitely intimidated, but he was mad cool...The one thing that stuck out about that encounter, was with him being in magazines so much I thought I had seen like 90% of what he had done...But he opened up a couple of his flic books, and it was filled with whole cars, water towers, end to ends and all types of stuff I had never seen, and doubt no one will ever see except his friends...I was pretty blown away...He said he had like 4 more books like that just filled...A king to say the least...RIP NACE...

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theres so much to be said about nace..so many stories...but besides painting we always had the best times doing nothing...after i moved from jersey. id always fly in from the midwest to be greeted my nace who would immediatly take me to eat some real pizza...something the midwest lacks...


we would drive around aimlessly for hours shooting the shit and look at all his recent master pieces...while i would sit there amazed more and more at everything he had done he would sit there and explain why he hated it and had to do better. he was always so on point yet never had a big head about himself...


the best times where with me nace and chip, the treaturous trio, the mayhem md three....we would just sit around and make up new words for shit or nace and chip would put me up on the new slang...every person was a "gent" every female a "gem" any beutiful girl a "dime peice" later shorted to "a dime" if a spot was get over, nace would refer to it as "knob creek", if something was stupid or gay it was "ca-ber-ray"(sound it out cause i cant spell it)...everything need its own twist on it, if we went to dukin dougnuts it was to get an "h coco" as apposed to hot chocalate....and if it taste good, every thing was "delish"..everything good was "grade A", anything bad, "grade f", these both later turned into just "G F or G A"...


nace was such an "all american" guy...he loved bruce springsteen and kiss. he was so polite to everyone he met and no matter how bad times were, how hot spots where or how broke he was, he would always paint and never once planned on taking a break or stopping, just planned on pushing his style to the furthest limit and painting as much as humanly possible. I know this is a little off topic, but these are the things that made nace unlike anyone i ever knew...

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wow, these stories were great, the only encounter i ever had with nace is when i met him whil flicking a highway spot...i met him and told him what i wrote, and he signed a piece of paper that i had in my pocket which is stapled into my black book...he was a great writer, and really inspired me...RIP

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