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Bates - Brandnew flicks...

Guest imported_Europe

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Dope post...

Styleisking you made my day:king:



Not related - but you seem to know people,

Is that Kaceo the same one that works in the BOTY office?


If you don't want to write it on the board but you know please email me through 12oz or whatever...


Its pretty importent though hahaha...


Thnx and keep posting gold:cool:



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Lol Nah, not like that.

The guys that run BOTY (yeah, battle of the year) have an office in Berlin...

All of them are oldschool bboys if I'm not mistaken.


One of them, which goes by the name Kacao - is comming down here to judge the local BOTY.


So if it's the same guy I'd thought I'd go to meet him and hopefully paint with him, 'cause its not an everyday thing that writers come over haha...



I guess I'll have to meet him and find out....




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the event itself is on wensday, and I think he is leaving on wensday night or thursday morning REAL early...


But since Israel is only about 3 hours from Berlin and Berlin time is about 2 hours backwards (if I'm not mistaken) so anywho that bboy Kacao should be in Berlin in thursday REALLY early in the morning...


I'll just call the organizer and ask him for that Kacao dude's hotel phone tommorow morning 'cause its a little late right now.




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Guest uncle-boy

bump for a king :king:


i remember seeing this mini zine totally dedicated to bates before i started wrtiting. it tripped me the fuck out.

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