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anyone have 90s flicks of the tagbang crew shoot to kil(stk)l?anyone remember the name of the main bomber in that crew? thanks.

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Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<--------


Fishe KOG Outtakes from Graffiti Underworld Book


There’s a part of LA called Burbank its LA county but its a small little suburb with their own police force. Its like a little bit of the Mid-West in LA, its very conservative, republican, slow paced, old school town. There were a couple of freeway spots out there. One night they were doing construction on the freeway walls out there. They put up all these boards on top of the concrete dividers. I was like we gotta do it. My hommie DRY has always lived in or around Burbank told me “Nah fool we can’t get them. Its hot.” I convinced him though. It reluctantly agreed.




It was me ARBE and DRY. ARBE was bout it. He was like “That’s the shit. We gotta paint it.” He was from South LA he didn’t really know about that part of town. We park and we had to walk on this main street for half a second and in that half a second we must have gotten spotted. It was like two in the morning. We must have looked conspicuous rolling over there with back packs. Homie started following us walking his dog. We get to the spot and homie pulls out a bullhorn and is like “Motherfuckers freeze! This is the citizen’s arrest!.” We split the other way and within two minutes there were five squad cars in this neighborhood. We’re like fuck we’re in a pickle. I’m trying to tell my friends “Hey we haven’t painted.” They were like “Its Burbank and we’re Brown fool, it doesn’t matter we’re going to jail.” We split off towards these fences I run up this hill and climb over this fence and land in this big pile of bushes. Not a minute later all these cops on foot start walking around me lighting flashlights.


One stepped right up to wear I was. I was wearing camo covered in these bushes. I heard him on his walkee Talkie “I think I see somebody. There’s not a hole in the fence. I’m not hopping the fence.” He split away on foot. For the next two hours or so there was a helicopter overhead flying exactly where I am. I could see the light beaming on me through the bushes. I figured they had infrared and they were going to tell them where I was at. Thirty minutes later another cop comes and sits in front of me. I hear them saying you’re right on top of him. The cop was like “I don’t see him, I don’t see him.” The cop took off. They came back AGAIN and couldn’t find me. After they left I pulled out my cell phone and called ARBE. I asked him where he was at. He told me he was ten feet away from where we all ran for the fence. We ended up not walking back to the car. We walked like six or seven miles down the highway to my girlfriends house. We sneak into her house and I grabbed her car keys. I took her car to look for DRY because he didn’t have a cell phone. He had run across the highway into the LA river. He slid down this bridge with all these spider webs were. We got back to my house I get this call from my girl like “Somebody stole my car!” I told her what was up in real short burst. DRY see all the spider webs all over himself and freaks out like “I’ve been in spiders for an hour!” DRY looks up at me and tell me “I saw a ghost.” I start laughing at him. When we were driving around looking for this fool we rolled by this big cemetery called Forest Lawn. It is pitch motherfuckin black. All the sudden this lady dressed in all white robes with all white hair with pale white skin comes out of the bushes out of nowhere “Help me Help me!” I pull over the car. She tells me “Please help me.” I ask her what do you need how can I help you? She was like can you please shine your lights over here. I got my shopping cart and I need something. I start shining up the lady’s shopping cart with my lights. The paramedic show up and are like “What the fuck are you doing?” I told them that the lady needed help and got out of there. So DRY tells me he saw this ghost and he’s wondering why I am laughing at him. I had seen his so called ghost. He had to walk like 2 miles past that cemetery in the dark and I can imagine this lady dressed in white jumps out. He said he saw her and ended up running all the way back to my house.


For more stories, flicks and audio from interviews...



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