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so because of his "terrorist actions"

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part of an email i recieved ths morning from a good friend





Britton is in serious trouble. He is now victom to the ugly head of this

American "god fearing" government.


About 5-6 months ago...my brother and i

and a mixture of friends and strangers gathered to a peaceful protest to

demonstrate against the Highly conservative, right wing city of Provo, Utah.


it was a demonstration against its mass population of cars, rediculous

rules, for us, and for those that ride bicicles...it was a Critical

Mass...to make this a short story...it was succesful..no police interviened

and there were no troubles. until abot 2 months later most of those who

participated in this event


(some over the age of 50 and some under the age of 13) had a sitation out for their arrest. for thos of you who dont know

what that means..it means, if a policeman spots you..he will do everything

in his power to stop you and arrest you. for what? for assembling as a

poeple. as strangers to one another, but in Peace. in Peace. To show

people, common strangers, a message...something we can all relate to. But

it seems as though in this "land of Freedom", america, you cant do that...no

really you cant...you cant voice your own opinion with out being a victom to

the brutality of our local officials and police.


Well Britton was faced with greater problems in his life when he fell victom

to the court...repeatative costly court dates...and harassment by those of

titles such as Prosecuters, police officers and state officials. Which

brings me to this....yesterday was a court date like any other. well

almost. he arrived knowingly that he was in a helpless situation...ready to

lose. but not with out a fight. but instead..comes this. He was

surprissinly charged and sentenced to 6 months in Jail...and a 1000 Dollar

fee. There was a jury of Police officers accusing him of spitting on

people, Driving his bike in a "dangerouse manner"


( you tell me, HOW THE FUCK




and they had enough bullshit to accuse him of

this...but wait..you ask your selves...well thats not enought to get britton

6 months of time in jail and 1000 dollars in their fuckn pockets? Now for

you reading this...try and calm your self...


he Judge then stated that the "War on Terrorism" is at large and there

might be problem with terrorism in our own american community...so because

of britton's terrorist actions..he is going to stop all terrorism in the

community of Provo, Utah, by makeing Britton

an example of those


britton is now faced with that label in his life. he is now

faced with his life turning completely upside down, he is now faced with a

family feeling empty and ripped apart. for what? a fuck of a person....a

judge, your honor...who? A man...a common american..wanting to make himself

a hightly respectable citizen..to gain money as well as "respect" through

fighting this war on terrorism. what a pity. how can people be

so...souless...how can we as a poeple let such things happen..go like

this...i dont. i wont.


.for when do we know we will fall next..as victoms to our own

government. who is the terrorist now, i ask. whos life is destroyed. Im

proud to be an american...i raise my flag high.

let me vomit in rage before that happens. i love you all..and miss you all.


hope trouble will not find you as it did with my brother..for those of

you that are americans...good luck...for this unrightous wage of war on

terrorism has turned its table on its own poeple...get ready. the red scare

is about to raise its ugly head again.



Something to think about

Personally i am really upset

Brit has been a good friend of mine for years and he doesnt deserve this


is this the sort of fucking future we have to look forward too


i dont know what to do

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If that is actually true, it disgusts me. I've read many stories of the justice system going awry, and know a few people who have been screwed over by loopholes in the law. It is discouraging to think that the people we trust to do the right thing, and to act as Judge, actually have a seperate agenda, and sometimes are not doing things for the right reasons. On the protesting side, think the summit in Quebec.

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THE LAW would like to take a moment to let everyone know that "the law" being discussed has no relationship to THE LAW

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Originally posted by THE LAW

THE LAW would like to take a moment to let everyone know that "the law" being discussed has no relationship to THE LAW


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Guest Remy Martin

the goverment here can be shady.

where i live they can tap your phone legally for associating with known gangmembers, as well as send you to county for a year for drinking with them in public.


thats really fucked up they are doing that to a cyclist. he should contact the aclu.


i was in jail i was 18 and 19. the majority of people i met when they thew me in the hole for a week were drug related offenders that fucked up a while ago, generally by selling drugs, and then got caught with a small amount of dope or got chased by highway patrol for taking a pound of dope to oregon for 50 miles on a freeway in the cuts, same difference.

these cats were looking at at least 2 years in the pen.


i have a couple of friends that are either serving or looking at prison time for painting. one kid is eligible for more time than the cat from my crew that was found guilty of acessory to murder. i got a sentence that equivilated to as much time as the person who pushed my friend into a moving freight train. i was eligible to be remanded and relocted to a state youth detention facility for up to 4.5 years, it was recommended that i be sent on two different occasions..mostly because i was suspected of continuing to paint trains and walls, not because i had not had any further arrests or made sure that i paid the state 1500$ on the 8000$ ransom they demanded in result of painting other peoples stuff.

gotta love the pete wilson administration. murder, illegal art, worth the same time in detention rehabilitation facilitys. gotta watch out for those serial artists. a real threat to society.


utah is a shady place to begin with....

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Guest Remy Martin

FTS is a north cali crew.



they hit the main boulevard in our old city one time, when the aladdin movie was out, it was a bunch of big blue genies with speach bubbles that said fuck the system.

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Remy, That happens to be the same krew I just mentioned, I was not a member when alladin came out, but the crew has expanded to greater places. :king:

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Guest Remy Martin

no way!


Voice and those cats?


right on...i got crew down in your area....




take care.

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Guest BROWNer

thats fucked up, but it doesn't surprise me.

i'd say get used to it.

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i don't know the guy, but that sucks for him. i still love living in america though, and i think there are some changes that need to be made. but whatever.

as far as critical mass rides, every single one that i have done was a mix of people. the squatter kids who live to protest anything, usually show up - mainly because they suck shit. alll the messengers usually show up, -we spend more time on our bikes than anyone else. we actually have a reason to cmplain and protest. and then theres the old hippies. now heres my point, every critical mass i have done has gotten out of hand. at the least arguments happen, usually its a car window getting smashed, or a fist fight. anyone who says crit masses are peaceful is full of shit. there are always bad seeds, so if homeboy in utah wants to be a icon for cycle freedom, he better be prepaired to face the consequences of others peoples actions. as fucked up as that is.....

on a side note- ink lunatic, your not an american correct? if you are, disregaurd this comment. its one thing for you to worry about your friend and want to help him. but i think its in poor taste for you to comment on my country's quality of life. not a personal attack on you, i just think its a bit rude.

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Guest Are2

hey inky..


my bf hates critical mass...why?

he says he doesn't want to piss off a driver who might catch him in traffic the next monday morning and decide to exact revenge..


as far as provo, utah goes, yeah, very conservative..

and that situation is definitely fucked..


but, we are living in a dangerous climate..and a time of contradictions..right now, to potect our country from more insane terrorist attacks, citizens may have to give up some of our freedoms.

i am not saying that what happened was ok, but, unfortunately, the courts don't usually get it right..not before the attacks, and not after..


however, we do still live under the constitution, and have all the right to complain and protest and draw attention to correcting these wrongs..


hopefully, this is not the future, just residual paranoia..

i too hope that this is not a sign of things to come, and as an american who loves her freedom, i'll try to keep it that way. there are enough people in the u.s. who love their freedom to protect it...


and in the meantime, stay the fuck outta utah.

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nothing matters anymore, I seriously think we might have reached "end times" now...


sorry to ink, that sucks man.


as far as painting goes, I read a few months back that all paint eventually wears off the wall, and once it does there is no structural damage done to the wall (or fr8 im assuming). So in the end nothing is really damaged. How much sense does it make then to impose any kind of serious penalty on someone for painting on something? I'm not trying to argue as to legality of painting or anything of the like, but the punishement should fit the crime, im no expert in law but someone being charged 3 times in cali and being put away doesnt fit. child molestors and killers get off after 5 years in many cases, but we jail our youth for writing on walls and tend to show very little/no compassion for them. i have to stop writing now, i know some of my facts may not be straight because i heard this months ago, but my point is that this is disgusting, its not right and we cant do anything about it! We protest but seldom do you hear about any rousing success's coming of it, unfortunately violence and revoultion are what gets things done, unfortunately that too only works to further inhibit any point you may have had, baisically we're all stuck, theres no positive changes in the future, prepare for more shit to come down because its all ending.



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Thanks guys...


Just wanted to add that




Ethically im a quarter american, and i was born there....just dont live there that much






Brit was ready to face the consequences..he has before, but being labeled as a terrorist.....





what can we do...messedup times

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