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bonus's and benefits

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so, what kind of bonuses or benefits do you get at your job?




bonus's: we have these contest (some daily, the rest monthly) and you get points for doing well. so far ive recieved $875 from the monthly contests and i just won a $50 dollar gift certificate the other day as well. and im about to be getting another $1250-1500 from this past months contests. woop woop.


*we also get another monthly bonus based on our power ranking on the sales floor, which ill be recieving another $6-1000 dollars from for just kicking ass at what i do.


benefit's: we have stock options and our stock is one of the best out there, i haven't taken advantage of this just yet but i plan on it. then ofcourse we have benefits like the 401k, dental, etc etc, but again i havent gotten those just yet because im not hired on at the company just yet, im still working there through a temp agency. i should be getting pulled on though in the next week or two seeings as i was the #3 sales rep in my whole city out of 250 reps. not to mention ive only been there 3 months.



-hot women everywhere.


so what's the spoofs of your job?

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oh.. side note... my dad recently purchased a laptop.. used. on it was a memo form some company... their benefits are nuts.. 4 weeks vacaton a year (mandatory), get off an hour early the last week of each month. free lunch on wed., free appetizers after work on fri., 50% of the profits are shared amongst the workers evenly, and a few more i couldn't remember

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generic benefits.


as a bonus this year im getting sent to puerto rico.


2 weeks paid vacation. I get to fly wherever we have clients if i wish it, all paid, if i need to take a class they pay,


They pay my gym membership.


I cant think of anything else right now.


i just got a raise too.

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i sit on my ass all day, so i have plenty of down time to catch up on reading, school work, etc...


paid days off for every day any public school is closed


paid snow days off if school is closed


work a 6 and 1/2 hour day and about 180 days a year


i get to be snappy and sarcastic with all of my students


i have a radio (walkie) and get made fun of by my students


have a couple a smoking hot co-workers (one of which i think is interested in me)


the job is great experience for my career choice


ummm that's it really, nothing too fancy


oh yeah, benefits, union and all of that jazz

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when I work days I sit around and play grand theft auto and watch skate video's and draw for a large part of the day.


at nights I make abut $20 an hour and get hit on by drunken girls that come in to buy 40's and pizza.


The place is one of my legal walls and my boss gets mad if I take a shit and don't hit up the shitter.


i work in a pizza place as a delivery driver and we are open and deliver til 5am and we sell 40's of OE...the place rocks

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