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The Incredibles.

Poop Man Bob

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Saw it last night. Wow. I can't tell you the number of times the graphics were so amazing that I swore they had to have filmed something then put it in the movie - especially the water. It made me shake my head throughout, wondering how the fuck someone can take some ideas and a computer and come out with this final product. Even though the visuals alone are enough to see the movie, the storyline is great - and funny, too. One of my favorite lines was Mr. Incredible referring to his son's "graduation" from 4th to 5th grade: "They keep inventing new ways to celebrate mediocrity."




Easily icon20.gif icon20.gif.

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No no no no....fuck this movie.


It was a family oriented movie rife with cliched humor and valuable lessons of life that made me choke. Let's not forget having to sit through seven or so crappy previews and then one gawdawful short movie about some shitty lamb that loses it's wool which is nothing more than "just be yourself!" style propaganda for the young ones.


Horrible movie. I don't want to ever have kids so I can avoid having to take them to movies like this. Fuck.....Poop Man, I thought you'd at least have the x-ray vision to see through the phoniness of this overhyped package of family values.

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* - just because it had "family value" [two words I wouldn't use due to the connotation with the rightwing political agenda and "moral values," but whatever] themes doesn't make the movie shit in my eyes, while it might in yours. It's a cartoon. Would you have been more happy had the family fought one another, dad and mom get a divorce, and sis gets knocked up by the popular kid? Would the realism have made it a good movie your eyes? If so, your movie sucks.


I don't need x-ray vision to "see through" the movie's themes. I saw the themes. And the movie still ruled.

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Originally posted by kaesthebluntedwonder@Nov 14 2004, 02:38 AM

I wanna see this. Anyone seen triplets of belleville?



my copy of the dvd should be arriving teusday....that means I will have some good eye candy for work.


I love how when the old woman is in new york all the americans are just ungodly fat and just look like general retards. gotta love the french.



*edit to add the thing about fatty's in nyc

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