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The yellows aren't very strong, neither is the Signal Red, but I think the rest are pretty good. I haven't used the whole range, so i can't comment on every single color. The initial run of Pastel Orange and Yellow Green weren't one coat coverage, but the new batch is supposedly more opaque. Again, I haven't had experience with the newest cans.


It's very comparable to Evolve or All City paint. Generally good coverage and compatibility with silver, bare concrete, etc. Not so good for detail work and better suited to fat caps. For the price, I think it's tough to beat.

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Got a chance to use a can of this the other day. Unlike every other brand on the market, this seems to be geared heavily towards fine art, rather than craft painting, hobbyists or graffiti. It seemed to me like if i were to water down regular acrylic paint and spray it out of a spray bottle. i can see where they're going with this paint, and it's not necessarily for aerosol art. I think it's geared more towards stenciling and fine art applications.


My personal advice is not to waste your money on this unless you intend on using it for canvas and fine art applications. It's not really geared towards graffiti art in my opinion, despite what appears on their demo/promo video.

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Most writers in America use Rustoleum, correct?


They changed their valve system to male and caps to female.

I'm wondering what female caps do people rack to fit these?

I use Pam caps and the Sect adapters, but those adapters have low pressure. I see heads using Sects, but everyone used to steal caps like Stoner thins and Elmers, so what are yall using now?

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So after a few technical hiccups, Pyro is now available to buy here.

A quick review (and a discount code!) can be found after the jump

Right first up here’s what you need to know: £2.39 (£ 1.91 ex. VAT) a tin.

Low pressure. International shipping available. Free delivery on orders over £100.


Aside from the white, here’s the entire range. It’s a matt finish and is some of the thickest paint I’ve used.

Needs a good shake to get it going otherwise you’re going to get all sorts of silly string style issues, but to their credit rather than pass the blame, Pyro have addressed this head on and have this to say:

“We’re not completely happy with the caps so we’re giving away fat caps with all orders, this will be changed with the next shipment and replaced with better caps”


It’s not even that big a deal, but you have to give ‘em props for dealing with it. As I said, it’s thick so fat caps are the obvious option, but that’s not to say you can’t use other caps – all the lines I did below with it were with the standard stock cap and once they’d have a good shake there weren’t any issues.

Colours are nice and bright, but on first use I think I’m more of a fan of the muted tones. All of them cover fine and I’m sure you’d agree that the indicated colours on the tins match up pretty closely to what comes out of them. + How you gonna argue with names like “Prison Grey”, “Yellow Snow” “Deep Shit”, “Fake Tan” and Jamez Brown”?!

…I mean, Obviously there are missing a Hurt You Bad Envy Green / Ginger Prince Pube Orange from the current line up, but It’s a solid range to launch with. The pinks are a little close tonally, but if you’re into precise fading and all that then it’s probably a good thing:


As it’s a UK paint I suppose most people’s benchmark to judge it against would be Illuminarty, but as that is a gloss finish I’d say Pyro”s nearest direct comparison would actually be Monster Colors – which it is a good deal cheaper than per tin.

Online sales have been delayed for a bit while the website was perfected, but I understand that The Bench up in Birmingham have been selling it out of the shop and it’s got the thumbs up from the regulars who’ve been using it for a bit now.

As always I’m going to say support UK graff and buy British, but when it’s cheaper than the alternatives and just as good then you don’t really need me to tell you that. If people get behind it the same way they have with Illuminarty then they can expand the range in the future and add to the growing UK based paint suppliers.

…and before we get to the discount code, here’s a few words from the Pyro team on it’s origins:

“The idea to start Pyro came about at Christmas 2010, we didn’t really take the plans any further until summer last year when we started the ball rolling, we were getting through so much paint we wanted to make something good quality but much cheaper, the price of paint has rocketed in the last few years, and people have been looking for cheaper options so thought we would just give it a go.”

I like that the UK paint companies are just people having a go rather than faceless multinationals looking to cash in on graff. If you want to try it for yourself then using this code will get you 10% off this month: PYROCOLORS2012




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Not a bad list, but putting German Montana first? I don't know if I agree with that. Way overpriced and worse coverage than MTN or Molotow. I also find it funny that Evolve, Fresh Paint, All City, Flame and Ironlak were different numbers on the list, considering that they all have the same valves, same packaging and are made in the same two factories. I feel no difference between all those brands aside from gloss or matte finish. They all have purples bleed through light colors, all fade in a month and all the valves don't like thin tips.


I actually laughed out loud when I saw Kilz on the list. It's a good white, but I'll go through a whole bag of Rusto fats trying to do a fill. I would have put that at #10 and excluded Krylon entirely. Apparently the guy who wrote this list never used True Value paint or Valspar, because those are far more worthy of the list than Krylon or Kilz.


I also think Sabotaz should have been placed higher. It has some issues, but it's a way better paint than the Chinese shit.

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I use Clash pretty frequently, as it's about a $1 cheaper than the other premium low pressure cans at the local shop (94, Molotow, etc.). The traditionally weak pigmented colors aren't too good, but it sprays a nice, soft line. I have no complaints with it. The Spy Yellow is surprisingly good, but I have had a can or two lately that were really weak.


I don't know if anyone has tried Supertramp, but it's one of the better low-end brands. Based on the donut style, I think it's made by Colorpack (Beat, Clash, Monster) The Black is great, and the Sky Blue and Purple are really good. Apple Green could be better, and I'll guess that the yellows and oranges aren't too solid. I've had some issues with the color changing as I spray, and no amount of shaking seems to remedy the problem. Overall, I'd say it's a good alternative if you're looking for a low pressure black outline paint.


Has anyone else had issues with Molotow skipping? I've noticed that several of my new cans will skip midway through a line. I've had this problem before with cans that sat out in the trunk of the car overnight in the cold, and cans that went into the freezer for mixing. I've never had this problem with a brand new can, unless the ones I bought were stored in the cold or something. No other brand seems to do this.

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