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Spray Paint

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I noticed Color Place now has the exact same cans as Artissin. The valves are different though.


I am not the 1st person to use that can design / shape, I perhaps made it more popular than the predecessors. I see alot of companies using that shape now.


walmart did approach me but I didn't have the 1 million + dollars to do what they wanted.


Colorplace is a walmart brand; therefore they have HUGE MONEY $$$$$


No lie seems like everything I do these days is always copied.


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Evovle paint, turn your speakers up for the videos...



I kind of hope they fix this issue, there color selection is fantastic, and the paint is smooth, But I've had too many cans do this kinda shit to me to purchase again.


Was it because of the cold or the valve itself?

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Did you try to force a phantom (aka ny thin) in to it? I remember the old style OHS cans doing that if you tried to force a phantom or rusto fat in to em without shaving em first. The caps that come w/ mtn hardcore also have the lip btw.


what this man said,also you can do this to any can that comes with wide valves too,just put ny fat and press it hard enought and paint will go all over pretty fast,it will drain the can in less then 4 sec,it was done in my room when i pressed ny fat hard enought on german dupli color

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Man, I wish I could still find PT and AA colors with the old valve. The price and color selection of the chinese paints are good, but I'm always worried about what I'm going to get. Still a lot of bugs that need to be resolved. Rusto was consistent, despite having a couple limitations.

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Try going a little ways outside of city limits. Also try looking in odd places. A few weeks back I was driving around town looking for some classic valves and stopped in "Big Lots". They had a shelf full of American Accents and Rustoleum cans with classic valves. All for $2.33 a can. The colors were definitely not choice.. but for me it was worth cleaning the place out.

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Hal, I'm always pretty excited about finding an old valve of PT or AA but if you haven't tried the PTX2 with those trout female thin caps I would highly suggest it. Rusto seems to give me so many less problems then chinese paint and with those caps you can get yourself one smooth outline.

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How is it that people seem to find paint at Big Lots? Every time I've ever been to one over the past 10 years all they have is that shitty new Red Devil, or nothing at all.


me too man. i also have checked Big Lots over the past 10-12 years occaisionally for paint besides the shitty Red Devil and never found anything.. I was starting to believe that it was an urban legend or something that was true in the 90's (before I started painting). I think I gave up going there for a year or two and then finally went and checked a couple months back... low and behold.. 40-50 cans of AA and regular rusto there waiting for me.

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