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Spray Paint

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PT2x flat black works real good for me. Its real thick. You need to shake it for a few minutes. One minute is not enough. PT2x is the only paint i use. Thats all they sell here. I like it better than regular rusto, plus the color selection is great. My only complaint is the pressure. But Im used to it now.

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No, the Gloss is indeed kind of crap, especially compared to the Stops Rust line and even the old regular PT with the normal valves. I feel the exact same way about the new PT2X gloss white also. In my neck of the woods, Home Depot carries Krylon 360 - needless to say I haven't "shopped" there in years. If I want 2x I gotta drive to the next state over.

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hey just wondering to see what ways you guys mess with pressure in cans i usually dump some out is their any other ways to make cans lower pressure?


Yeah get a drill and drill a hole at the side of the can! LOL! j/k!


All you need to do is just flip the can upside down tilt it slightly towards you and press the nozzle down on the floor. If done properly you can release as much pressure as you want without paint loss.


Just make sure you don't do it too much cuz then the paint will stay stuck in the can with no way out.

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I bought some Sabotaz and it clogged a bunch of caps

Flashy ass can and in the end I'd rather have some Rusto

I don't think any new brands of spray paint that don't end up sucking will ever come out



How long ago did you buy these cans? Thick paint will always clog certain caps especially grey dots .. sheesh those caps clog quickly with any paints!


Sabotaz is definitely worth the $3.95 - $4 assuming that's what you paid for it.

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well to "shop" i also have to travel to the next state for different reasons then availability.

i honestly dont use any kind of gloss paint, its horrible really flat black is the way to go and the painters touch 2x

isnt bad at all better than valspar but like i said ive only used the silver


Gloss paints never go good with flat paints. Tends to crack alot amongst other things.

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Yo deen will artissin be shipping to Australia any time soon? Im keen to try it out


It's kind of tough for such a small company like mines. For it to be possible you'd have to ship a container and I'm very very far from that in all aspects. I have learned to say never say never though so you never know.

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