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Spray Paint

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i dont know if you guys have saw it but colorplace has made a nes rust primer in black

its 2.93 a dollar lest than rusto and i gotta say it kicks ass try it out im pretty sure its gonna be my new black its sprays like rusto but its cheaper

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For anyone wondering what rusto is doing with the valves, well... I'm not too sure, but I think they are just testing around. We went to our local home depot the day I found that sun flower yellow and it was the ONLY regular rusto color that had the male stem. the next day, we went back to show someone else, and it was all gone, and the sunflower yellow with a regular female valve was back on the shelf, seems like they were instantly recalled. idk what's up, we'll see in the future.


Just my 2 cents...

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Please everyone tell them how much they fucked up! Every can at home depot was male valved I almost cried. FUCK! I've written them four or five times. Threaten to switch to 'the other guys' Tell them all your friends either already have or are considering doing so too. Or tell them whatever but maybe this will work



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