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BAHAHAHA!! He waited for a whole dang minute, and then called somebody a toy cus HE'S THE ONE posting HIS graffiti in a city where IT WASN'T PAINTED. How ironic.

I would also like to state FOR THE RECORD that most of the toys in Baltimore city, will always be toys! Now we all went through our toy period (MANY MANY years ago), before the internet. Now with the booming success of the Interweb we have TOYS, AND HAS-BEENS claiming to be KINGS, you know who you are! Give it up, stop the gossip, and ANNOYMOUS DISSING ON WALLS, cus that will get your whole click punked beaten and forgotten. Also we have some toys in the city that reads, who very well may become good. IF THEY DROP THE COCKY ATTITUDE THEY GOT FROM THEIR SELF-PROMOTED INTERNET FAME!! YINZ NEED TO BE HUMBLED!!! AND STOP BITING NIGGAZ!

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