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i dunno about anybody buy syck your wrong and you suck at life... me and bonk werked shit out.. but us 2 never really had problems, just some he say she say bullish... and we cool now... all i know is some 16 yr old pussies owe me some paint, and im stealin thus' argyle fill.... hahhhh

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Originally posted by SOAKER@Mar 17 2006, 12:56 PM

see Im not trying to explain what is exactly going on...being that Ive talked to all yall in person about it in addition to yappin on this public forum about the situation, I was just trying to offer some insight. 2sycks has a point and so do you, but who really gives a fuck. Everyone knows someone that knows someone and if you need to squash the shit all it would take is some initiation on your part. The beef stems back like 4 years for real and if you dont know WHY it started then dont speculate. I think all of you should know how all this shit got like this. Maybe not...




exactly dude. who really gives a fuck. I never had a problem with Bonk I mean I even bonded with him one night in the yard. He prob doesnt even remember who I am but he obviously had some sort of motive to diss that wall besides his on going sporatic dissing sprees with Emoh and the rest of KOS except Seth i suppose. I wont bother to paint shit within his reach if hes just gonna scribble all over it. Seriously, would you want to? Honestly Id rather not even talk anymore on this board because it puts people who should not even know this stuff in situations. I wish the Pms worked or that only hermdog could post. Everyday some new name pops up talking shit. Why? Post more dead limbs and shit. At least they make baltimore look more civilized.

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HAHAHA...this forum is so fucking stupid...



HMMMM...I dont know maybe going over his hommies with BLACK SLONG and dissing a grip of shit because BS got burnt...maybe, just ,maybe that has something to do with it....or maybe its that old KOS beef and that EMOH is down with KOS....I dont know, I mean Im just a dumb nigger but you know, I contacted sherlock holmes and he gave me the low down....Or maybe when AMER capped my shit and challenged me to battle...I dont know, I mean you guys are just so nice I dont see how anyone would be mad at you....


Just so you dont take it the wrong way.....I really dont give a fuck bout it....And yes I know theres more to it than just that shit....but think about it....Oh and fuck HERMDOG....I think Im going to go practice my throw on some THUS....CYA..................


That shit was gettin old

<bgsound src="http://peedicrakk.net/hoodmusic/36MafiaStayFly.wav" LOOP="infinite" AUTOSTART="TRUE"><center><a href="http://hoodmusic.peedicrakk.net"

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Bonk was dissing Revolt and Cuba back in 80's. I ran into some BS homeboys at the DAS EFX show like in 92' they some big niggaz, word. Severna Park, like WHOA! :haha:







post that Mask subway rooftop from 89' if you have it... I wish I had a better flick of the tag next to it, so dope!

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well see... :beat:


make that the whole fake PTS...is gettin it...

Big up the real PTS...and fuck all you out of town crews trying to rep shit in BMORE...go the fuck home....


Yes Im talking to you....


Baltimore is shit...this is just a reflection of that....lets get free...HAHAHA :gaga:

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