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Less talk...more BONK!!!



Yo bombing churches and shit is dope...Im definitly feeling that....


Yo taggin graves is the illest though son....Memorials, peoples houses, cars...whatever....shit Im trying to tag that faggots ass...ya feel me... :haha:

The graffiti manual of edicate I purchased from this super cool graf hipster looked down on that shit but Im like you got to get in where you fit in...naw I mean...Word.... :clown2:



Oh and who the fuck is LARGE MARGE? :huh2:


Yo what the fuck does hallah mean?

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I can remember seeing some dope tags along Harford Rd. More or less Essex influenced one-liners. Everyone was using halo's to accent their names at that time. Letters started small and grew larger, ending with a flair. Baltimore Style :king:


I caught a Voke tag the other day from the late 80's...

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well theres a difference between dissin shit, and dissin shit for no reason.


plus bonk, he has nothing to lose. hes got tags and throwups and a million of them running. he loses a tag, who cares. hes got every coalie and dumpster on the east coast covered.

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Originally posted by SOAKER@Mar 14 2006, 12:10 PM

its funny how people like to act like that BONK is the only one in BMORE to ever diss shit...fucking nut swingers...


fuck bonk. he has no reason to go down there seeing as how he couldnt pull a piece to save his life. tell him to stop swinging on my nuts

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I see it like this...if you dont like what he did then go cap his shit. I seem to remeber BS crew dissing my shit for no reason..unless you want to call going over pieces with burneres a reason to diss shit. And ironically those pieces he dissed were over some nice burners, which is the exact reason my shit was capped by so and so. Hey im not justifying what he did...its not me, but I aint ever see any one diss his shit except FCR...just a lot of complaining.

And type R...the reason he was capping you shit is because you talk shit on him....

And the reason the other shit was dissed is more than likely related to the wall on route 1

.....just letting you know...Hey dont take it the wrong way...Im opposed to dissing shit at these spots...regardless if you have beeef or not...

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