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Originally posted by enomaks@Mar 11 2006, 10:47 PM

doctor dbk. going over r.i.p memorials is not cool. you put up dbk over the kids riding tags, so this beef is for all of dbk. ask around you short shit, this will not be a walls only beef. chumps like you get open hand slapped in the face.


who and what are you talking about?



fuck all you broke back, tagger jackin mother fukers....

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That dude doesnt even write. Maybe he thinks he does but whatever he does aint got shit to do with DBK. That shit is propbably in highland town or dundalk where he tags like a 5 block radius...Some people just need to stop writing....whatever...

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Originally posted by DarkoBunny@Mar 11 2006, 09:40 AM

and for those who were at the sin city jam .... i heard this guy died a few months ago ..lets all give it up for big SNIRQL 1ER!!! RIP





That explains why every time I'm watching clouds roll by they seem to turn in to ill ass snirql throws....you'll be missed homie.

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this is for all those bitches who know they are fans of the legendary BS crew... get off our dicks, and go ride somebody elses... everytime you talk some shit about us.. its ok... cus your still saying our names.... and thats gettin up... you fuckin dick suckers... go back to mt. vernon.... haha... hate hate hate....




don't fuck the thread with bullshit montages

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Originally posted by SneakandCreep@Mar 13 2006, 09:51 PM

Yo whats good to do in Baltimore? I am here for a couple of days from the MIA.




so far getting drunk in towsen telling bitches to smoke dust,

going to dance parties with hot bitches downtown then trying to find dust.

getting free drinks from hot bartenders at almost redneck bars..

and eating in little italy and maybe even doing some street graffito if your into that homosexual sport.

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