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Originally posted by eLeMeNtS@Dec 24 2004, 02:02 PM

Is this the Mckinsey wall your talkin about rob J? If so i only got these two flicks. Franky Jones may have a few more. Franky jones also likes it up the butt.







I dont know ,, its was by some elementary school. Mckensly road maybe. supa skre and I did a few midnight productions there and the only person that gots flick is the dude supa that disappeared

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Originally posted by robJ@Dec 23 2004, 04:41 PM

koma could of done it, but who the fuck cares about some bomber dissing them walls with no balls. Most of that shit got gone over when Shaken came home spouting some ksw bullshit awhile back. As far as I see it, them walls need a fresh coat of roll paint anyways. Aint nothing but another spc,, here today gone tomorrow.

Wall of shame, is just that. Much like the dc tunnel. When the toys find the spots it over.. But you all knew this already. I hate doing some wall jam, but I got a 1000 spots, 100 pieces that aint ever seen aonther writer but me... Fuck a wall a fame..


( sorry, I'm pissed my truck is broken :( )


man, just reading about this gets my blood pumping... But Im gonna keep my ideas on it within my crew. Although it pisses me off, RobJ is right, sometimes a little house cleaning is good. Alot of writers in Baltimore seem to get a little too attached to there pieces. I founded that spot, and it was never meant to be a hall of fame or a museum of pieces, it was a great surface in a place you could relax and burn a nice piece and stretch your skills .

That place could produce alot of good shit...

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nother boring christmas eve results in me posting old flicks online and watching sanford and son with a natty boh.



dave and siek



kurse and smk



elk and jase



akira and kear



mase and rok



super, con, freak



bunch of shit



sest and siek






erase ^^nice fuckin fill willis^^




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Hey darko..or thuser.. or what ever you have changed your douchbag tag to this week


....listen dood..


That spade is a bit old, werent you rollerblading back then.. busting mizzu's and getting made fun of by skateboarders..... fucking loser.......

And did you catch that ker tag on there.. thats the funny part of that pic...


I think you have changed your tag 12 times since then.. you know... camo... pas... schmegma.... emdime.... and over and over ....loser...


Speaking of losers.. The skins play the cowboys this week. So there should be about 52 losers lining up in gold and burgandy this week...


God... 3am.. beeers....christmas...


and by the way.. who has all these old skre, spade and ugly pics? .. i dont even think we have those....

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