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this forum talks more about what you are gonna "do" more than anything... why the fuck do you all beef in here like its a fuckin aol chat room? you all know who each other are... put up or shutup... tune is hot spc is all over the place and has been for ever... fuck the drama.

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Originally posted by spadeo@Jan 9 2006, 03:07 PM

That "Go Skins" Freight looks about as good as their offense did on saturday..

Does anybody think that thing is going to make it out of Baltimore or Philly alive.??

AAAAHHHHHHH and remember its the D FENCE that wins the game........thats why CHICAGO is wippin up this year

OHHHH and where were the RAVENS and/or EAGLES this weekend? Sittin on there asses watching the REDSKINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right haters

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Originally posted by sieko@Jan 8 2006, 07:08 AM

OK spc. why u dragging me into your e-beef? must be starved for attention.

And you being clinically insane makes your memory of this fight between us EXTREMELY credible. Don't make me go into detail of the TRUE story. U don't want that. And honestly I'm fuckin crazy tired of this internet straight bullshit talk.

Im on doing bigger things in life and this fabrication is all u have to hold on to? Im getting tired of people trying to make me look bad on the net so I am simply defending my name. I refuse to go back n forth w/ u so write your bullshit and ill take it for pure entertainment value. Hey you asked for it. U are the last person on my mind until u decide to try to drag my good name thru the dirt, and for what? Because u have e-beef w/ someone else?


Go lick some more stamps cuz noones banging down your door for your self taken flicks.












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New to this thread.I couldnt stand seeing all this ebeef going on

in regards to SPC.It seems all people do is hate on that dude.

No one from around here is as known as he is so why hate?

Who cares if all he does is throw ups and tags?

He is a bomber strictly.I met him a couple times and he was cool with me.Even let me smoke a fatty with him and Meca that had a little more than green on it! Man I couldnt even walk after that.

I've seen him in plenty of mag.s and I just got that GTV with him in it from TOwer Records.Man that shit is funny as hell where he's all naked.


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