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^^ then be the big man and come and see me toy! All y'all shit talkin faggots are bitches, suckin the dick of the dude who has REALLY sucked dick. aint no wonder why he hangs out with TOYS full time. Aint no wonder why the dude is mad cuz I told him I wont rep KSW cuz its toy. hope your 15 mins was worth it .



so what do you write, so I can add you to the list otto dicks?


got a feelin you will be runnin like a bitch like your boy ***** in a one on one situation.


Thats my word.

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LOL, otto, got word about that post. Thought you were somebody around here trying to get live off some shit that started last night. Bad timing for that shit, but it makes it that much funnier. I'm not editing the other post because its real, but wasnt inteded for you dude.


Soaker, mind your business.

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