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I agree with Con. I will put it out there... The WOF is a WOF. Some of you should be ashamed of your pieces you do up there. Do yourself a favor, take a fresh sketch, spend extra time on your piece. That spot is not some toy zone where you can say "hey I've got a piece up there too." Fuck that, you should be saying my best work can be found at the WOF. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every visit to that spot...but don't waste my time.


If I was to paint, I'd be intimidated by that spot. I would put it all on the line, and probably go over myself because my piece isn't worthy of the spot...keep that in mind.


Not everyone falls into this label...but those that do know who they are. WOF = Burners only...here's one you should benchmark from



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Originally posted by DarkoBunny@Dec 23 2004, 07:55 PM

Ok.. I am just here to say to everyone.. that the skins suck. They are just horrible. I dont know what i was thinking.


The ravens are where its at. I have my new ed reed freshy, ready to go... Lets Beat those stillers..


The skins are just doozies.



i was showing my roomate some baltimore graffiti and ran across this...so i thought i'd bump it.

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i could of sworn "style wars" defines wild style,,,,

but im jus an idiot nobody so i cant fall much lower on

the pyramid,,,heheh


on another note despite what i told u hermdog,

i was jus talkin out my ass,,,

RIDES hand is fever

and so is the "ALL NEW" wof

and bump dyer,,

hes still got em runnin in dc

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