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6053: I was playing with myself and rememberng how absolutely wondrful u r with ur mouth and just wanting 2 scream ur name while u bang the hell out of me

6662003: when just now?

6053: Yes

6662003: cool, keep going. get them fingers up in there

6053: Ur fingers would b so much better. i really want 2 have my way with u.6662003: I WANNA SLAM MY COCK UP IN YOU

6053: I want u 2 fuck me til i hurt. i dont want 2 b able 2 move when were done cuz my legs r shaking. i want 2 take my aggression out on u and then...

6053: I want u 2 fuck me til i hurt

6053: I want 2 take all my aggressions out on u and when were done...6053: I want u 2 cum all OVER ME!

6053: Im talkin real aggressive sex, like there goin 2 b no 2morow sex!

6662003: i wanna shoot my cum all in your face and watch you lick it off your fingers

6662003: big SKAM UP IN THAT ASS

6053: 4 u i would do that. cuz ur like a sexual god, when u want 2 b.

6053: Yeah. ass sex 2



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damn sek you were an old DC/VA head.. i had no idea that had to do with BALTIMORE... i mean.. i did'nt know your handstyle was wacker that that sake piece of dirt... i mean... who the fuck writes ARAB?? do you rock a turbon.. that shit is like slander.. like discrimination against a whole race and religion...

Shit.. in 92.. i was kingin shit with starter hats, reebok pumps, and can't forget DJ Jazzy Jeff n the Fresh Prince..

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