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Oliver Clothesoff

do you sniff GLUE?

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..people have said to me that graff style on steel hasn't eveolved in a long time..


..well this is one example on a real head keeping things fresh, alive, and ever evolving in my opinion.

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Yikes. So wait, alot of those were painted in the day right?


I mean, I prob. should have quit painting long ago but if heads (glue) is rocking it like that at night I'll go ahead and hang up tha' cans.

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Originally posted by joewelcome@Feb 28 2005, 10:27 AM


i appreciate the comment (btw, the term is "intents and purposes" but intensive purposes is an interesting twist)...

i'm not a freight nerd, but i am a paint nerd and i made the comment that poppy quoted. with silvers, sure, it sometimes doesn't matter what the hell you used- but the person using it sure knows what kind of quality the paint is.


my intention with that comment was to point out how lame i think it is to mailorder paint or to only buy paint at a home depot or whatever. people come over and see paint that's NEW that they never saw before. to me, part of this game is knowing a LOT about paint, trying different shit, seeking all kinds of new color schemes and just being aware. i know lots of older heads, most of whom don't collect paint at all, but they all KNEW their paint very well. i've seen old subway painters turn into little kids when they see a catalog of the old krylon colors they used to use- that's the passion that i think is missing. the love for the medium is only part of it, but i believe it's a very big part.


anyways...i'm gonna flap my jaw as usual.



intents and purposes, i'll make a note of that. i agree with what you're saying above, i read into it differently.

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for those that had deleted posts that's my bad. my browser froze up on me repeatedly last week and in punching my keyboard i nixed some shit accidentally.

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