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Left or Right?

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Originally posted by High Priest@Oct 29 2004, 01:25 PM

Curious who writes with which / Average on 12oz.



High Priest - Lefty


*Im sure there was at some point a thread on this but i couldnt find it using the search function so..



I'm left handed.... and left handed people are weird.... and we can't be figured out, so right handed people.... don't try.

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Originally posted by Mr. Peanut@Oct 30 2004, 12:47 AM

I hate it when righties ask me which hand i write with. when I tell them I'm lefty they always have to say something stupid, like "wow how do you write with your left hand?" I don't know...I just fucking do.



My favorite one is, "Oh cool, you're left handed?" as if they don't believe their eyes. I always tell someone, "Oh... oh, no, I'm just trying it out to see how I like it today." in the most serious tone. My sense of humor is mainly consistent of super dry sarcasm most of the time, light years beyond most people's comprehension.... but that could be because I'm left handed too, I dunno.

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Originally posted by sarahyoulose@Oct 30 2004, 06:43 AM

^^^ tres strange


but. its the "proper" way to eat with fork in left hand regardless of hand orientation...

and switching hands for the knife usage is a no no.. and i'm am usually quite guilty of this offence

who realy gives a fuck what hand anyone uses to eat or how they eat... eat with your hands for all i care

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