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Neck Face Book

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Originally posted by DTOK@Oct 27 2004, 06:49 PM

your just mad hes up

haha, i knew someone would respond with this.


i dont hate sigh, onorok, totem2, mr.abc, eruptoe, kem5 fucking etc etc etc for getting up. because they do shit i enjoy seeing. "beat your kids" -neckface... i've seen this on a hopper. my 14 year old brother could write the same shit. kid is annoying and just a gimmick.

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Originally posted by GamblersGrin@Oct 28 2004, 02:30 PM

i seen the book. its pretty damn cool. its ugly art. do what you feel.


maybe someone thinks what you do is shit and played bc everyone is a k3wl graffer these days, right?

totally agree. the guys doing whatever the hell he wants...who cares. look the other way.

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Originally posted by holycrapRUN@Oct 30 2004, 06:02 PM

neckface is fucking awsome. im sorrry but all ofyou who think he sucks because he doesnt do crazy peices and shit dont understand that he is a billion times more original than most of the writers out there. everyone does throwups. not everyone draws huge hairy arms.

actually he isn't original. the whole abstract odd ball concept thing has been done several times before. so no. he isn't a billion times more original that most writers out there... because he isn't original at all.

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Hardly original... but neither is rocking 3D, unreadable wildstyle, ny fillins or cholo styles.


Basically graffiti treats the world as it's bitch and doesn't give a fuck about it's rules... this guy basically said 'well, graffiti's my bitch and fuck your rules'... I don't even follow his shit nor am I a fan but whatever, it's what it is even if I know I could do it with my eyes closed.

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