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in fourth grade, there was this girl named ashley. but me and my boy sean called her assweed. goddamn, that shit was hilarious.

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Originally posted by El Mamerro@Oct 28 2004, 12:35 PM

I've never had a nickname. I did get the name Mamerro from a series of incidents, but it's not like people actually call me that.


In college, there was this girl we called Nappy McBustyface. Drove her up the wall. Funny thing is, she was actually pretty hot.


that reminds me of a girl i dated at FIT,


Drunky McDrunk Drunk.


ahhhhhhhhhh, elizabeth. we had some good times.


that bitch was crazy, and RICH and DRUNK.

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damnit, i made up a huge reply and it got messed up and now i cant use the back key


other nicknames i have had


keith carlson




nicknames i have given


Shitty Mike


Ash hole





Roast Beef and Gravious

Brian Pervnert

I call gamblersgrin fagtitties and casek casexual



Curtis (her name is alicia)

Early Bird



and there are probably more, but i dont want to get into that, class is starting....

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i've always had a grip of names. i'm always coming up with random shit that lasts for a few months then dissapears. the following have stuck around for years though...


cold crush/crusher i'm still frequently referred to as 'crusher' by a lot of people. i've always liked this one.


destructo i never use this one anymore, but plenty of 'rap industry' people only know me by this, so i'm kind of chained to it.


seeking/seeks i always laugh when people call me this. i'd rather just be called by my real name, but if someone needs to use a 'graff' related name, i'd prefer this to my tag.


Nuck a joke character that somehow stuck. variations include 'nuckie double-pump' and magnuck magnuson (the sweedish weighlifter version)


worlds first black race car driver one day i decided i needed a real long nickname. this was it.



ok, i'm bored of this now.

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Guest krie

I used to have people call me my nickname (last name) for months, then they would turn around and say to me "why do they call you that?"

and I reply "its my last name" and they think its the coooooolest last name ha


Its tattooed on the back of my leg too, and people turn around and say "wow, thats a cool surname"


I had teachers call me my nickname all the time too, its a pretty cool nickname/surname

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Vega- givin to me by the crew because its the only thing I roll

Morgasm- givin to me by my nigger alex kinda a last name thing

Ber- aquired in a drunkin conversation which stands for B.R. which stands for busted rubber...

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