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Teeth. A Dentist. Few drills and a sore jaw...

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Todays encounter..........


Alright so just got back from the dentist... ONEFORTY BLING! Not happy but really had to get this one tooth fixed.


Anyways, out come the needles (2 hours later) 1/2 my face is still numb..

left part of my jaw is killing me and im pretty sure she rocked enough filling for 3 teeth.

Feels pretty large and uneven.

So yeah spent about an hour and this dentist, man she had BAD BREATH...!!

now being a gentleman i am and the fact she was a hoTTT asian biach i decided against making any comments :yuck:.

(mind you i did play around with some instruments when they left me alone for the aneastethic to kick in)

AND i kept the price in mind cos its up to her to say how much i gotta cough up...


I dont mind the whole drills and forks and stuff but she did use this nasty drill which looks like a mini-grinder... uhhhhh


So its just up to time to see how good of a job she did... Hope she flosses tonight.......

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in the last 3 months i have gotten all my cavaties (8) and route canals(3) done....not for nothing...i was terrified of the dentist...when i was young the dentist we went to ended up being a cokehead who stole is dads dentist degree and he pulled a tooth out once without numbing it...and i have been scared shitless on the dentist ever since...but the lady i went to for all that work...was ill i didnt feel any pain at all...except for that needle that the put into the top pallet of ur mouth

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Dr. Dazzle just got his wisdom teeth out... didnt you?

how bout you tell a story?



i myself have had 4 baby teeth extraced and 4 premolars (adult!!) ones taken out to make room for my teeth to straighten out (yay braces!!)

and now i have to get my 2.5 wisom teeth taken out

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Originally posted by Dr. Dazzle+Oct 22 2004, 03:18 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Dr. Dazzle - Oct 22 2004, 03:18 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-sarahyoulose@Oct 22 2004, 12:56 PM

Dr. Dazzle just got his wisdom teeth out...



Yeah and it sucked fucking balls......




nah man, you arent supposed to suck on anything, it'll draw the blood out.

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