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writers in action!

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perth chill? come to perth and i doubt u will finish anything...

look at the first pic, does that look chill to u?

he didnt get done for 50 panels, he got done for 2 and the rest was just street bombing.... he only got 48 hours community service because he is under-age....

i kno uv ppl that have spent months in jail for painting a train here, one guy got like a $17,000 fine, hell i got $5000 for a freight!!!


certain ppl shouldnt make accuzations about snitching, the dude got raided for fuck sake, police get enof information from u guys posting ur shit on the net and putting ur shit on ur myspaces... for all u kno it coulda been me dobbing u guys in to get the $1000 reward they offer...



G-code... dope song!!!

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its not probable cause to search someone because they have spraypaint in their car

and that the person is near a train yard does not connect to the fact that they have spraypaint and are "probably" committing a crime, unless someone called the cops and said that they saw someone near a train yard doing graffiti then it would be a different story

you were probably wrongfully searched if thats true, unless certain things happened

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Re: writers in action!


no they didnt search the car on PC, they kept us in jail on felony PC (PC jail time is normally 48 hours but they can extend it with a warrant from the court) in order to find out what we were doing near a yard with cans. Basically they thought we had painted the yard. you are mistaken about the law because they can hold you in jail and search the car on PC when there is such a crime as illegal possession of spray paint in the county/state.

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