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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

If the guy wants to start his OWN THREAD dont hate..Let me bring more haterism to this thread...TOC 162, please shut the fuk up..Lets see what u got..If you dont like it, dont comment on it, keep it to your self dog..Ok now that I let that shit out..Bump for Mr.Red Celly Phone..Rojo Telefonoooo..Dog I dig your shit..Nice thread..Couple questions?..Do you print your stickers?..Or all of them are Hand Drawn?...Would you be willin to trade sum shit?..I aint into stickers but I'm down to Draw sum..Actually I just get stickers cause I got a hook up you know what i mean..But yeah..Keep this thread alive post more of your shit..Peace..






were do u get those sorta blank stickers?

Any office supply store..Vare One gave you a few examples..I get my shit done at Office Depot..I get the paper and print for free..All I gotta do is cut em..That label paper could run pretty expensive but like I said I get it for free...Since its a whole shit you can cut it into diferent shapes, I like that..Good luck..


I have a few of this boxes..Theres 100 labels in each..I get 600 stickers outta each box..but like i said I aint really into stickers, since I'm too lazy to walk.. :haha:



Covered my name..No self promo here..


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"Things are gettin bigger , d`yu gets meh!" Mister Breakfast

Leicester Last night , Lord Leigh, RaH, Stoln`Recovrd . . . Fuck Toys Love Mono. . .Mono


Mister Breakfast , Miasma , Lord Leigh , . . . RaH , Stoln`Recovrd.

http://www.monoclothing.com Mono


Hign over Aylestone Road in Leicester , check the scale , fucking massive sloth . . . Mister Breakfast , Lord Leigh , Mono Mono Bigger is better like m` misses says .


Stay up , enjoy your world9598367_7997df19c5_m.jpg9596919_0b8ccb65cb_m.jpg

http://www.rustysnails.com , http://www.monoclothing.com



Also from Leicester, Agro . . .


from the street to the tshirt for Mono Mono

Bollox12551983_89c1fc998a_o.jpg . . . Bollox , Mister Breakfast . . . Fuck Toys and Mono

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Lord Leigh adobo bollox fono zcHos miasma Mister Breakfast MONO

Leicester . . . . . . . 2005 . . . . . . . . http://www.monoclothing.com


Lord Leigh Mister Breakfast MONO

Leicester . . . . . . . 2005 . . . . . . . . http://www.monoclothing.com

Have hordes of robots pasting and sticking for us thus a wise man may trade , gets me . . . . info@monoclothing.com


Miasma . . . . . . . . . . Mister Breakfast , MONO . . . . . . . . . .Bollox


Mono . . . . Fono . . . . Bollox . . . . . . . ?


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