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Melbourne City Graffiti Special! 100 new flicks from around the CBD inc. pieces, street, and doorways. [/url][/size]


graffiti special?? 2 laneways thats it! Hosier's all streetart anyway

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Hey bro don't diss rad fluoro stencils, stupid nonsense wheat posters which have been bitten hard and gay graffiti style characters. Just cause someone never learned to actually paint letters doesnt make them some toy OK?

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OK, I'm fukn over coming on here and seeing nothing but Perth and Sydney threads being posted in. Mits came in and posted a fukn heap of oldschool gems in the Sydney thread and it's taken off. So I've finally uploaded some flicks and will be dropping em here in the hope that someone else joins me and makes this shit a daily updated thread, which it should be. As far as I'm concerned Melbs is one of the best, at times the best place in all of Oz to paint, and Iseen/painted a far whack of this country. Some of these flicks are stolen from other sites, some were taken myself, some were even taken using film as digicams weren't the norm back then. I don't paint as much as I used to due to old age and senility and etc so a lotta my flicks will be more from 'my era; Enjoy chunts


A taste of things to come

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More from the master



This dude had crazy styles and was up a fukn heap at one stage, more of him when I find/upload em


You know who



One of my fave pieces of all time


Very ahead of his time the EP Imperial


Another one of my fav writers ever





A real melb style throwie, not some Euro Hipster I just watched Dirty Hands DVD bullshit


More to come when I can be fucked

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Good stuff My Way, I have had the same thoughts. This inspired me to break out the photo albums but I couldn't find the cord to the scanner in my current state. Will share in the not too distant future.

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