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couple pages back L#$H is coping it for drawing for inspiration from horfe... to me looks like mr. j--s done something very similar.

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When did it become acceptable for people to lay down absolute garbage masquerading as pieces? Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen it. The awkward letters, inconsistent lines, overuse of dots/clouds/arrows, fills that look like the inside of a 2 yr old’s diaper. Hipster graffiti, semester style, hot garbage… whatever you want to call this emerging “style”. It used to be you put your best foot forward. Now apparently you put the foot forward that just stepped in dogshit.


But hey, if you have…


A) The right amount of drugs

B) The right amount of hip connections

C) The ability to fool people

D) More than one pair of skinny jeans in your closet


…well hey, you’re good to go as a member of a new writer subclass that differentiates itself simply producing terrible fucking graffiti.


I remember a higher standard that writers were held to when it came to determining status as a major player. You know….clean lines, proportioned letters, multi-color fills. I mean, the things that take practice, dedication, passion. I guess building a strong foundation of talent has been forsaken in the face of tpromises of quick success and glory.


Graffiti always needs new direction and imagery to stay relevant and fresh in the minds of both it’s participants and fan base right? Then why aren’t we seeing more pieces, throwies and tags that should be making the likes of Saber and Revok re-evaluate the amount of time they spend in the studio and in the streets?


Well, instead we now have fools writing the equivalent of a Myspace blog on the wall. What’s this about your “shattered heart weeping over the echos of time in 2009″? Get the fuck outta here with your cryptic nonsensical bullshit.


The crisp alleyway pieces I remember seeing everywhere? Hmmm, seems to be harder and harder to come across the more I go out. Instead, I’m treated to blobby letters rocking sunglasses riding on clouds crusted with stars. Wow, your Peter Max-inspired bullshit was TOTALLY worth dodging four blocks worth of addicts, broken glass, needles and undercovers to get to.


The scene I’ve grown up with has gone from bombing a wall, racking some tall can King Cobras and bum rushing the show to…sipping lattes and listening the latest offering from “Panic At The Disco.“?!? Everytime I meet these particular writers, it’s hard to tell if I’m talking to a man or a woman. Sometimes it’s both actually. Yikes, check for that adams apple son. Really, I’d rather kick it with people I can count on when the shit flies. Not someone that stands back from the action because they were too afraid of their vintage shirt getting wrecked.


Please, someone explain what it is I am missing when I see this stuff. Obviously the hidden meaning behind those crappy letters and lazy fills continues to elude me. There has to be a reason why there are ENDLESS threads on sites like 12oz Prophet where moderators and resident jerkoffs alike crow endlessly about how edgy and cutting edge this stuff is.


Really, it pains me to see a bad ass Natrl thread sink into obscurity while some no-name, rainbow painting, vespa-riding geek enjoys weeks worth of being in one of the top slots with legions of bandwagon jumpers applauding their excessive and “ironic” use of arrows and sparkles. It’s like when you see a really hot girl with an ugly dude. You wonder what the hell you’re doing wrong and you go nuts trying to find answers that just aren’t there.


Personally, I think trying to assign ANY type of meaning to this emerging style gives it way too much credit. Real talk, it’s a cheap shortcut to fame and recognition for those starting out and a sign of laziness for the heads that have been pushing cans and markers for years. If anything this new breed of graffiti gives legitimacy to the efforts of city government and other entities that would like to see graffiti eradicated completely.


Hey, I’m not one to say what is and what doesn’t count as graffiti. That’d put me on a level with a lot of the people I look down on and well, I couldn’t forgive myself for that. But look… what I do know is what I like…and I don’t like this shit one bit..


My greatest fear is that I’m alone in feeling this way. Prove me wrong people.


mate if your saying this shit you really dont know what this is all about. graffiti is about self expression. it is art. got back to New York in the 80s. this is when graffiti and trains were most prominent. it was just abotu style. and putting ones own style out there. not practicing and repeating similar styles. its comments like yours that dont allow new styles. so back in ya box chump

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bump all the fresh flicks in here, which is mostly everything.


serious laughter at clint.


xylenefree if those pics up the top of the page are in an underground drain/tunnel id be very keen to know where abouts.


PM me

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